A Delighted MamaGirl here!


Sorry I’ve been away from my  blog for a long time. You can only imagine how it is being a mother and a working mom at the same time. Mostly, I’ve been working the crazy graveyard-shift every single weeknights, pounding the keyboards and constantly on the phone yakking the drowsiness away, and,  hung out with my son on weekends even if all I want to do is S-L-E-E-P.

And now when I got back, I have a stunning blogger header now! Wooooooot-woooooot!  I was so excited to see my new blog look ever since I read my sister’s message on my FB wall, with the attached screengrab below. I only got around to visiting the other day{when my internet connection has finally allowed me to, well, connect! Grrrr, smartbro!} and today again. I’m chatting with my sister now and I was telling her about how much I am so happy about the blog. And, oh dear me, I was blown away – still am! LOVELOVELOVE!

A happy, homey blog… I LOVE IT!

It’s created for me by Purple Kiss of My Crafting Den, who also happens to be my (and my sister’s) fairy blog-mommah! hahaha. Seriously, I love it so much and I received compliments from friends when I showed them my new blog look  ^.^ I love the simplicity of the header, it’s clean, the font used is so meeeh and how it all compliment the shade of green of the background is just great. To me, the whole blog makeover gave my blog a relaxed, homey, happy feel to it. Don’t you think so, too?

I cannot thank you enough, Purple Kiss, but THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. In the words of Sally Fields… you like me! You really like me! LOL.

If you are looking for cool themes for your blogs, craft ideas or scrapbooking materials, head on over to My Crafting Den (just click the link). For sure you’ll find something that you’d like.


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