A Kazuri present for Sreisaat

Just a quick post for my sister who kept on bugging me for Kenyan beads. Apparently, older sister is into beading/crafting these days and so the persistent request for beading materials. I have, unfortunately, misunderstood her request. I thought she wanted a beaded piece of jewelry so while in Nairobi last week, I went to this Kazuri bead shop and bought her this:

I never had an inkling that a ceramics bead necklace like this could cost a lot! For a volunteer relying mainly on a meager allowance, it cost  me my one month food budget *lol* I know I have made huge efforts to lose weight before, but  depriving myself of food for a month is an idea not too appealing to me these days.  Just kidding. 

I don’t know anything about jewelries let alone beads but these Kazuri beads are beautiful, are of high quality materials and hand-made by Kenyan women. The cost may be a tad too high for a volunteer like me but I’m glad to know that purchasing items there goes to helping disadvantaged Kenyan village women earn extra income. 
Just a little information, kazuri is a Swahili term meaning small and beautiful. So to my dear sister Sreisaat, a Khmer term meaning  beautiful, here is my something kazuri as my gift on your birthday. Hope ya like it!
For those who are wondering how I was able to post this when there is no electricity nor internet connection where I work, this was set in auto-post mode. *grins* Wow, I feel like soo tech-savvy! hihihi.


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