Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

About MamaGirl

mamagirl in africaI’m a 30-something Mama juggling a career in motherhood and development work at the same time. I just returned to the Philippines after a 12month-stint as a VSO Volunteer, working with local farmers to address their food security issues, and building and strengthening the institutional capacity of their cooperative in Mombasa, eastern coast of Kenya. Back in my home country, I am working in another industry so alien to me. But I am coping.

My parents gave me the nickname “Babygirl” and was used by family and close friends when I was growing up. After getting married, they stopped calling me by that nickname anymore and “christened” me with a new one. So “Babygirl” became “Mamagirl”. It still sounds affectionate and endearing to me and at the same time the new nickname fits my new role as a wife and mama. So there… this is Mamagirl, married to PapaJhong, and mother to a precocious boy named Joshua. Welcome to my blog, My Nipa Hut.

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