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Hello, people!

It’s only been three days since my last blabbering but now I’m at the office lounge  I’m taking the opportunity to check my blog and make a quick update. This is actually already in my drafts post so I’m going to just add a few thoughts here and there. Besides, I am inspired to post because of my new blog makeover… lol.

My son goofing around again. He never stays still!

Sometimes, the thought of blogging more about my son crossed my mind. But this thought gets overpowered by another thought – why write about my son when it would only be interesting to me as his mother? Why, indeed? But my sister has always pointed out to me that my blog is my own personal space in the blogosphere, ergo, I should blog what I want to blog about and don’t let others tell me what to do {or write about}. I can write and post photos and videos of my son. In fact, it is or he is what I should be documenting most, he who is now growing up fast he’ll be a second grader soon. I’ll try do write more about him in my future posts.

In other news… work is still work. Am still coping with the pressure that goes with a tele-center job. There are some perks though which I can say is the highlight of this week. Apparently, my employer gives additional bonus to employees who have outstanding performance at work. This is different from the usual Christmas bonus and mid-year and end-of-the-year bonuses. It is called WINber where employees, within the quarterly periods, who have zero absences, in other words, perfect attendance, gets rewarded in cash and in kind. So during the last quarter, from October to December, I was one of the lucky recipients of the WINber! I was told only the other day and I can’t wait to pick up my prizes! I don’t know yet what my prizes are but whatever they are, it is going to be great! I only wish there’s a computer involved, hahaha, or if not, just any discount rates for a computer, just like what the offers from dell.com at frugaldad.com. I really want to have a new computer this year as my younger sister’s desktop is already six years old and needing replacement.

I can’t believe I am writing fast today. I glanced at the clock and it is still 30mins to go before my shift begins. My father, by the way, is coming to visit us here on the third week of March. My son’s nanny will be returning to her hometown to gather papers she need to enrol here in the city. This means, it’s going to be my father and my son together before my husband comes in April. I can’t wait already.

I better run along now. I hope to post the pictures of my prizes the next time I go online again.

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