Back in Mombasa!

Yes,  thank God for the safe bus trip. It was a looong bus ride – at least I was on a bus, and not on a matatu. Left Nairobi at 8am, arrived about 5pm for about 9hours of rolling into the dusty Kenyan roads.

The bus was full of locals, with the exception of me, of course. It was so hot but they certainly preferred the windows down.  It was okay in the beginning. Right before the stop-over point for lunch, my sister and I exchanged text messages regarding my temporary header.

A female baboon and her young

When everyone had lunch, we all lazily climbed up the bus for a whole afternoon of bumpy ride. Never had I seen so many baboons in one place before. They were all over the road! Somebody must have tipped them that I am coming and they’re all here to pay respects to their queen *lol*

The afternoon ride wasn’t as nice as the morning’s. The sun was at its hottest, but the locals still had the windows down. Kailingit! Grabe na tagaktak sang akon balhas, pati akon kili-kili ya. When I attempted to open the window next to me, masiling dayun sila “please close it kay I’m affected”. In my head an evil thought popped out – sa lagay ba naman niyan maga-itomm pa ni sila? But of course, I had to set aside this thought as quickly as it formed in my head. Pero, leche, affected kamo dyan, kay maton ilupad inyo wig. Grrr guid. And this thought made me laugh inside. My guardian devil won. Sigh.


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