Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Last Monday I was chatting with my older sister via Yahoo Messenger when my laptop suddenly turned itself off. When I restarted it, the screen just went blue and re-boots itself. Again and again.

I had it sent to the laptop doctors. And…

Oh noesssss! Big problem. The tech thinks it’s a corrupted OS. So that means they need to re-install it. I panicked… hey computer-doctor, what about my files inside? He just gave me shrug o_O

My sister suggested I use Ubuntu instead of Windows operating system. She boasts that it is free (an open source) and that,  she hasn’t experienced virus attacks and other problems usually encountered with the Windows OS eversince she started using it. Wow, I’m totally convinced, even though it’s the first time I’d heard about Ubuntu. But I don’t think the techs here know about it. Will probably wait for her to install it for me when she comes home for holidays.

Meanwhile, I’m here in an internet shop to do my business while waiting for my laptop to get fixed.

A Delighted MamaGirl here!


Sorry I’ve been away from my  blog for a long time. You can only imagine how it is being a mother and a working mom at the same time. Mostly, I’ve been working the crazy graveyard-shift every single weeknights, pounding the keyboards and constantly on the phone yakking the drowsiness away, and,  hung out with my son on weekends even if all I want to do is S-L-E-E-P.

And now when I got back, I have a stunning blogger header now! Wooooooot-woooooot!  I was so excited to see my new blog look ever since I read my sister’s message on my FB wall, with the attached screengrab below. I only got around to visiting the other day{when my internet connection has finally allowed me to, well, connect! Grrrr, smartbro!} and today again. I’m chatting with my sister now and I was telling her about how much I am so happy about the blog. And, oh dear me, I was blown away – still am! LOVELOVELOVE!

A happy, homey blog… I LOVE IT!

It’s created for me by Purple Kiss of My Crafting Den, who also happens to be my (and my sister’s) fairy blog-mommah! hahaha. Seriously, I love it so much and I received compliments from friends when I showed them my new blog look  ^.^ I love the simplicity of the header, it’s clean, the font used is so meeeh and how it all compliment the shade of green of the background is just great. To me, the whole blog makeover gave my blog a relaxed, homey, happy feel to it. Don’t you think so, too?

I cannot thank you enough, Purple Kiss, but THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. In the words of Sally Fields… you like me! You really like me! LOL.

If you are looking for cool themes for your blogs, craft ideas or scrapbooking materials, head on over to My Crafting Den (just click the link). For sure you’ll find something that you’d like.


My tennis-crazy seester

Today, my sister is overly excited because the tennis season is (unofficially) underway as the 2012 Mubadala World Tennis Championship opens in Abu Dhabi. I asked her why “unofficially” and she is quick to answer that it’s because it is only an exhibition tournament where six of the world’s top 10 players are competing.She also adds that no ranking points are up for grabs, only the prize-money.

Rafael Nadal (left) and David Ferrer (right), on their Davis Cup 2011 Championship win.

She is such a tennis-enthusiast and I know for a fact that she follows all the tennis tournaments, from the Grand Slams and ATP Tours. She is a rabid fan (LOL) of Rafael Nadal (left pic) and never fails to watch almost all his matches online, even if it means staying late till the early morning hours of the next day. She scours the Internet for online sports betting sites that has free live-streaming of the different tournaments all throughout the year.  And she is not alone in her crazy ways. She also watches the matches with her good friend – she in her apartment in Asia, and her friend, somewhere in Europe – and they banter and discuss via Facebook chat! They’ve been doing this since 2009! Anyways, even though she makes use of the live-streaming from this kind of sites, she tells me she never gets tempted to look at the online sportsbooks on the said sites. I mean, she probably is reading them but never really trying to do anything, like betting.

But anyways, she will be online tomorrow night, that’s for sure, because Rafael Nadal is playing on day 2 of the tournament against David Ferrer (see photo above, photo source here). This is going to be an exciting match as both players are my sister’s favourites. For sure, her husband’s going to leave her undisturbed to watch the match 🙂

Feeling blue and what-nots

Do you know the phrase “as cute as a button”?
Is this supposed to be a compliment, or what?
Please excuse the questions. The weather is really affecting me, making me ask silly questions, lol.

Well, to answer, anyway…
As far as I know, cute is something nice and pretty and charming and it has something to do with small sizes. Buttons, on the other hand, are small, usually round objects that are used to fasten our clothes. In the advertising and promotion world, buttons are actually graphics and badges used to market/promote/advertise something. Companies and establishments everywhere use this kind of buttons as giveaways for their occasions or celebrations. For example, when a store is celebrating anniversary or special sales, buttons are used to promote these events.

If I remember it right, I also ordered to have custom buttons made for me back in college when I ran for the student council and was paid for by my godfather (lucky me). They are such a common and a great tool during election campaigns, not only  in school but in the national elections as well here in the Philippines. Yes, you heard it right. Even in this day of heavy and sophisticated advertising tools, buttons are still the best way to promote a candidate. Thousands of money are put into campaign materials only and, for sure, these pinback buttons are in the list. And why so? It’s because they are cheap and easily produced, and not to mention their effectiveness in terms of marketing/promotion reach.

Aside from campaing use, you can use the buttons as tokens, too. Thehe company where I’m working now is actually giving out buttons to new as well as loyal customers for their continuing patronage to our products and services. As for me, my holiday budget is a bit tight and so I’m thinking of making personalized buttons as presents for friends. What do you think?

Something is brewing…

… watch out for my new header!

It will be unveiled soon.

Meanwhile, I’m trying my darndest to master the ins and outs of WP. It is definitely very different from what I was used to but I am learning slowly. I feel like I’m experiencing “birth pains” again but I’m not the one to shy away from the challenge. I know I’ll soon get there.  So please bear with me for the meantime.

Leaving home

It was heart-breaking.
And the agony of  the thought of leaving my son and family for two years was prolonged, no thanks to PAL. My flight to Manila was delayed for hours due to engine trouble. Pero buti na lang din at na-detect kaagad while di pa kami nakasakay.  My son, bless my son, he didn’t cry at all when I left. For his young age, he seems to understand why I am going away.

Son: Ma, daku-daku gid imo ya bag. Dugay ka magpuli. Daw pareho kay Tita Mommy sa layo ga-work (my older sister in Cambodia) kag dugay magpuli. Sudlan man nimo damu-damu na transformers  pagpuli mo ha? (Mom, your bag is huge. You will be away for too long. Just like Tita Mommy, she works very far from here and comes home after a long time. Will you put lots of transformers robots in it when you return?)

I felt a pinch in my heart. Yes, my son, Mama will work in a faraway land. And just like Tita Mommy, I will come home no matter how long it will be. Two years will be quick, I know, and I’ll be back just in time for your first day in grade school. And yes, with the Transformers toys. When you are older, I will tell you all about it and you will understand why I have to go there.

Okay, enough of the drama.
I still have to finish my inoculations, there’s still my yellow fever vaccinations plus two more and I have to get all of this at DOH’s Bureau of Quarantine in Manila.  While I’m here in Angeles City with my younger sister, I’ve managed to book me a room at the Kabayan Hotel where I could stay before flying out on Thursday. Ilang tulog na lang!

My younger sister gave me some moolah so I could buy the sneakers that I like. This pair of sneakers will take me to anywhere in Lukore as I begin my work with VSO, and , hopefully, to anywhere in Kenya when I have the luxury of time to explore this beautiful country. My younger bro in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) sent me some moolah for pocket money. My other (older) sister, also  in Phnom Penh, will also be sending a care package for me through her Kenyan friend in a few weeks. Yes, I haven’t flown out of the country yet there will be a care package on its way soon to VSO Jitolee.

I am blessed, thank you Lord. Growing up we all used to squabble a lot. Now that we are all adults, we’ve matured and mellowed down… I am amazed at how we have come to laugh at our past follies when we were younger, and forgive each other, and support one another whenever the need arises. Thanks very much.

Still here…

Hello friends. Just so you all know, I am still here busy. I am currently undergoing a training with an international organization for a future job. As you all know, our organization has no longer enough funds to support its projects and so it is closing down some projects and several staffs were laid off. We all had the option to re-apply, but I decided to leave.

So now, I am in Manila for the training. Sang Huwebes pa ako diri. I left my son to the care of my parents and in-laws. It’s difficult as 5 days is a long time to be away from my son and I am afraid he’d miss me. Anyways, thanks to my donors, my siblings who continue to support me, I flew to Manila ahead of the scheduled training. I decided to come a day earlier so I could have my medical check up at Saint Luke’s Hospital earlier. The medical check up is a requirement and being so, is paid for by the organization. On Sunday afternoon, I’ll be returning for blood works.

So, this is all for now. Will tell you more when I return to Roxas. Break time is short as the sessions are intensive. Lots of learnings, I’m glad, to prepare us for the change that we all are about to embark. So, till then.