Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Last Monday I was chatting with my older sister via Yahoo Messenger when my laptop suddenly turned itself off. When I restarted it, the screen just went blue and re-boots itself. Again and again.

I had it sent to the laptop doctors. And…

Oh noesssss! Big problem. The tech thinks it’s a corrupted OS. So that means they need to re-install it. I panicked… hey computer-doctor, what about my files inside? He just gave me shrug o_O

My sister suggested I use Ubuntu instead of Windows operating system. She boasts that it is free (an open source) and that,  she hasn’t experienced virus attacks and other problems usually encountered with the Windows OS eversince she started using it. Wow, I’m totally convinced, even though it’s the first time I’d heard about Ubuntu. But I don’t think the techs here know about it. Will probably wait for her to install it for me when she comes home for holidays.

Meanwhile, I’m here in an internet shop to do my business while waiting for my laptop to get fixed.

Ahoy there!

Hello, people!

It’s only been three days since my last blabbering but now I’m at the office lounge  I’m taking the opportunity to check my blog and make a quick update. This is actually already in my drafts post so I’m going to just add a few thoughts here and there. Besides, I am inspired to post because of my new blog makeover… lol.

My son goofing around again. He never stays still!

Sometimes, the thought of blogging more about my son crossed my mind. But this thought gets overpowered by another thought – why write about my son when it would only be interesting to me as his mother? Why, indeed? But my sister has always pointed out to me that my blog is my own personal space in the blogosphere, ergo, I should blog what I want to blog about and don’t let others tell me what to do {or write about}. I can write and post photos and videos of my son. In fact, it is or he is what I should be documenting most, he who is now growing up fast he’ll be a second grader soon. I’ll try do write more about him in my future posts.

In other news… work is still work. Am still coping with the pressure that goes with a tele-center job. There are some perks though which I can say is the highlight of this week. Apparently, my employer gives additional bonus to employees who have outstanding performance at work. This is different from the usual Christmas bonus and mid-year and end-of-the-year bonuses. It is called WINber where employees, within the quarterly periods, who have zero absences, in other words, perfect attendance, gets rewarded in cash and in kind. So during the last quarter, from October to December, I was one of the lucky recipients of the WINber! I was told only the other day and I can’t wait to pick up my prizes! I don’t know yet what my prizes are but whatever they are, it is going to be great! I only wish there’s a computer involved, hahaha, or if not, just any discount rates for a computer, just like what the offers from dell.com at frugaldad.com. I really want to have a new computer this year as my younger sister’s desktop is already six years old and needing replacement.

I can’t believe I am writing fast today. I glanced at the clock and it is still 30mins to go before my shift begins. My father, by the way, is coming to visit us here on the third week of March. My son’s nanny will be returning to her hometown to gather papers she need to enrol here in the city. This means, it’s going to be my father and my son together before my husband comes in April. I can’t wait already.

I better run along now. I hope to post the pictures of my prizes the next time I go online again.

TBE – The Bloggers Exchange

TBE is the newest blogging network in the blogosphere – and guess what – I was lucky enough to get accepted when I submitted my blog to them. So what’s in TBE? Well, A LOT. For one, I will meet other bloggers, and two, it will broaden my network, meaning, my traffic will increase; ergo, I will have MORE readers and commenters =). Ang saya-saya!

TBESeal TBE is an idea brought to reality by MommyWilla of My Everyday Life and other like-minded Pinay bloggers. So many ideas are percolating already and yet we are only at the infant stage. I’m excited about what this will bring to us and I’m very eager to be a part of this network. And we already have a badge – look – how cool is that? Thanks again, Willa, for including  me in the list. TBE has already 100 members, and to those of you who wants to be a part of TBE, just click the badge and follow where it goes =)

Here are the other members:

All About Her; An Autobiography in the Works; Anything Baguio; Bag of Thoughts; Bee Mommy; Best Friends in Love; Bloggity Bop; Bonz World; Daily Snippets; Dashing Shopper;Dashing Smiles; Dishes by Pehpot; Down Home with the Kenyons; E! Fashion Talk; Earthly Mommy; Eat, Drink, Blog; Family & Life Online; Family & Home Living; FickleMinded; Food Trip Friday; Freebies Overload; God’s Precious Gifts; Health is Treasure; Healthy Lifestyle;Hip ‘n Cool; In Pursuit of Happiness; In the Company of Me; Jen’s Joyful Life; Jennifferonline;Joys in Life; Just Love Blogging It; Kero’s Celebration; Kharlota dot Com; Kitchen, the Heart of our Home; Life is Good and Beautiful; Little Miss Blogger; Little World of Fun; Little Zoie’s Steps; Live Love Pink; Make Money Online; Make or Break; Mary Anne’s Musings; Mixed Bag;Mom Fashionista; Mom’s Ups and Downs; Mumsified; My Camera Sexy; My Daily Sunset; My Fashion Sense; My Little Home; My Nipa Hut; My Web-Blog dot Com; Notepad Corner;Novice on Blogging; Oh! Gosh Goodies…; One Proud Momma; Peach and Things; Pig-out Sessions!; Pinay and Money; Pinay Green Mommy; Pinay Mommy Online; Pinay At Home Here; PinayWifeSpeaks; Pink Clash on Entertainment; Pink Stilettos; PixelMinded; Postcards Crossing; Proud Mommy of Three; Reviews Inc.; SAHM’s Notebook; Sam Finds; Samut-Sari;Sexy Blogging; Shy’s Mixed Thoughts; Small and Simple Things; Small Kids, Big Dreams;Smart Boys; Smart Mommy; The All-Around Mom; The Blogaholic; The Current News Online;The Dias Family Spot; The Fotominded; The Miscellaneous Me; The Pinoy Biggest Loser; The Smart Shopper; The Wifey Diaries; This is My Life; Thoughts of a Pinay SAHM; Thoughts Online; Topics on Earth; Travel Junkie Mommy; Travels and Exploration; Tricks of Magician;Twinsanity; Unfiltered Musings; Viva Pinay; We Ate This!; Yami’s Kitchen; Zoie’s Mom Blogging

My new header…

… it’s still in draft form, but am liking it already.

A draft of my header

So, what do you think? As I’ve mentioned, it’s still in the draft stage and will see several  changes in the coming days… My sister said it is difficult to find free graphics online so this will have to do for now.

Okay, this is another automated post. I’m glad WP has this feature, too. By now, I am already half-way to Mombasa where I, along with other current volunteers and returning ones, will participate in a beach up activity spearheaded by my co-volunteers in the coastal district of Mombasa, Bara and China. I am also excited to see my Pinoy friends there who have helped me get through my assignment. They unselfishly offered me a house to stay on some weekends when I go to town for some R and R.

Will update when I get there.  See you.

Something is brewing…

… watch out for my new header!

It will be unveiled soon.

Meanwhile, I’m trying my darndest to master the ins and outs of WP. It is definitely very different from what I was used to but I am learning slowly. I feel like I’m experiencing “birth pains” again but I’m not the one to shy away from the challenge. I know I’ll soon get there.  So please bear with me for the meantime.


… to my blogger-friends whose links I lost when I changed my template. Kindly leave me your URL addresses in my comment or shout boxes and I’ll be glad to put them back to the list.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Do you want to make money from blogging?

Oh yes, I definitely do! With the global economic meltdown and the continuing increase in price commodities, common people like me are inventing ways to make money to augment our income. While some of you might think that I, having a regular job, won’t have much problem despite the current economic situation, I beg to disagree with you. Yes, I do have a job that I hold on dearly to but the salary I earn is simply not enough when you have a growing kid.

So anyways, since I have my own blog and I have time to spare, I decided to join the blog marketing bandwagon in my attempt to augment my income and the income I earn from my other paid blog opps. After reading good reviews, I am happy to register at another site called Paying Post.  It is definitely a welcome addition and a great way to earn more money by doing what you love, and without leaving my house and my son at all. In addition, my husband approves of this as an alternative source of income.

It is so easy to join, even newbie blogging moms can take part and avail of this great opportunity in blog advertising. Registration is free and the steps to follow are very easy, so no worries mommies! The over-all page lay-out is simple and easy to the eyes so navigating it is piece of cake. Just fill in your personal details, submit and verify your blog by installing the required code, and sit back, and wait a day or two for their approval. Once approved – there is a whole lot of opportunities waiting to be found. You can choose which opportunities to write about and you have ample time to complete the task. No hassle! Unlike other online advertising sites, I have heard good things about the service at PayingPost.com from fellow bloggers so I am assured, and I trust, that no short-changing will happen.

So come now and join us here and get paid to blog!

Best Web-hosting Company

In order for me to improve my Google page rank, attract more visitors and not to mention generate income from my blog, I am thinking of a total blog make-over. Since I consider myself a greenhorn in the blogging scene and a newbie to web-hosting, I sought the advise of people who has been doing this for a long time. One advise that I got from them is to choose a good web host.

My search led me to Kaushalsheth.com. It offers various WordPress templates that he himself designed. As a template designer, it is important in his work to have a reliable host. Otherwise, it affects his work schedule and causes him stress. The site offers information on what’s the best web hosting sites available on the net as a result of his tedious search for the perfect hosting site. Kaushalsheth.com recommends three hosting sites that are cheap but reliable and has good technical support. Go visit Kaushalsheth.com and know more about the three recommended sites in his site before you make a decision.

Bad Credit Card

Everyone I know have credit cards. Who doesn’t, nowadays? A lot of people now prefer transacting with their plastics rather than cash that the number of people who carry cash are getting fewer and fewer as more and more restaurants, groceries, shopping malls, and almost all business establishments – virtually everywhere – accepts credit cards.

However, good things almost always turn to bad — it is when credit card users use their cards irresponsibly, and then fall into a monster debt trap. Most people I know use their credit cards way beyond their limits and end up with a bad credit card history, making it impossible for them to get back on the credit card track.

Fortunately, there are credit card companies who are willing to help you get back on your feet. If you want to know where they are – there is a site solely dedicated for this alone. It is intended for credit card users with poor credit history and/or ratings and looking to rebuild credit history anew. The site has an up-to-date compilation of top credit offers, not only on credit cards, but also home loans, auto loans and personal loans. I think the best feature of all is the list of the top 10 credit cards for the bad credit where you can compare the offers and make an informed decision. Once a customer has chosen the credit card that offers the best features suited for them, they are automatically linked to its respective online applications.

Just a friendly advice: spend on items that are within your purchase capacity. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pay back and get a bad credit history again. Always remember to use your credit card wisely. Don’t let it use you.