Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Mellow Yellow Monday 044: Clowning around

Greetings from Isdaan (fishpond) Restaurant in Tarlac City (Philippines)!

I actually wrote this a week ago (and was set to autpost) while I was there with my office-mates for a company-sponsored team-building activity. Isdaan is located along the long stretch of Gerona Highway. From outside, you would think it is a big eclectic themed-park or resort. I said eclectic because of the presence of huge statues of monkeys, Buddhas, former Philippine presidents, and a lot more. I don’t know really know what they’re trying to achieve with this mix.

Anyways, as the name suggests, fresh fish are the main attraction at the restaurant. However, other favourite Filipino dishes are also served. In my opinion, I don’t think the food is outstanding – just okay – and the place is so — outlandish. Pardon me but that’s how I felt when I set foot there.

Oh, and there were clowns who entertained us on the day we went there.


Mellow Yellow Monday 032: Old colonial houses


My younger sister just came back from a weekend holiday up north, in the Ilocandia region of the Philippines. She and her friends visited the historic town of Vigan, the capital of Ilocos Sur and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines.

Walking in the cobbled streets of Vigan, one could’nt help but imagine what it’s like there 500 years back when the Philippines was under the Spanish rule. Click for a larger view.

As you can see from the picture, the architectural style reflects mostly Spanish influences. I love  the lighted lamps, so antique.

I hope to visit Vigan one day. I want to.  I can imagine myself walking in the cobbled streets of Vigan, surrounded by these well-preserved brick and wooden houses, with the sounds of the kalesa and the occasional neighing of the horses. I can’t help but imagine what it’s like there 500 years back when the Philippines was under the Spanish rule.

I should visit Vigan soon.

Mellow Yellow Monday 030: Baguio sweets


Goodness, if only I could I would bring all of these home the last time my family had vacation there, lol. These are strawberry products and other sweets made in Baguio City.

Baguio sweets to take home to your sweetie-pies.

These sweet delights are distinctively from Baguio City. You can never leave the city without them, trust me.

Mellow Yellow Monday 019: Looking for fun at Zoocobia Fun Zoo

I have been delinquent again… not enough time and energy to blog after an all-nighter. Sigh! But, as you can see, I try to post whenever I can 🙂

One of the many attractions inside Paradise Ranch in Pampanga

Although there’s not much “wow” factor in this place, my son and niece had fun looking at the animals. It could use more work to have the “wow” and “fun” in Zoocobia.

Shadow Shot Sunday 008: Virgin Beach

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Went to Virgin Beach in my hometown of Capiz for my son’s birthday. White sand, blue waters (yellow tint is actually a result of enhanced saturation level after editing), very few people… that’s how we wanted it to be. We had Virgin beach all to ourselves and my son had a blast!

shadows on the beach Love the shadow of the coconut tree… it is as if extending towards my son (left) to give him shade. On the shore and under that comforting shade, we shared a hearty lunch of seafood freshly caught from the same waters and peddled to us by the fishermen.

It was a good day!

Mellow Yellow Monday 008: TinkerBop


This is my niece, Beebop, goofing around at Paradise Ranch/Zoocobia:

She said with her golden hair and wings she is now TinkerBop, a little fairy in Neverland and Tinkerbell’s bestfriend!

So cute! Look how scrunched her chubby face was – she’s not yet tall enough to reach the spot yet. LOL.

Wordful Wednesday 006: Future jet pilot


Two weeks ago, we had an opportunity to visit Clark Field in Angeles City. My younger sister’s boyfriend took us all there because it was my mother’s last day of visit in Pampanga.

Clark Field used to be a US air base in the Philippines. Recently it has been transformed into a theme park of sorts. The place is wiiiiiiide and huuuuuuge. There were playgrounds and several choppers, fighter jet planes and anti-aircraft gallery scattered around the area.

My son loves everything about planes and choppers so this was a wonderful time for him to be able to see the “real thing”. He was so excited he wanted to climb aboard this jet:


All I know is that children are allowed to climb aboard these aircrafts to have a feel of what is it to be like inside. Unfortunately, there was no one around we could ask. My son was disappointed but still, he wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

That’s great, son, whatever you choose, we will support you.
Now let’s ask your father how much he has saved now for your college education! lol.

Mellow Yellow Monday 007: My Hunny-Bunny


My son enjoyed the trip to Zoocobia last week. The name sounds strange, ‘no? I have no idea why the owners named it as such.

Easter may have come and gone this year, but apparently, it is an all-year round activity at Zoocophobia.

Shadow Shot Sunday 007: Diani beach

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My favourite spot in Diani beach, Mombasa, Kenya. Taken while I was serving my one year volunteer assignment there with VSO Jitolee.

Imagine sitting there, under the shade of a big tree, the beautiful beach view and the lull of the sea breeze… heaven.

Signs, signs 006: Kids at the zoo



My younger sister and her boyfriend took us all – me, my son, our mom, and one of our nieces – to Paradise Ranch. It is a a nature and conservation park in the Clark, Pampanga. It has facilities for children to learn about nature and wildlife.

Just after the entrance of Paradise Ranch is Zoocobia Fun Zoo. It’s a 3-hectare property that was converted into a zoo.

It’s a big zoo but there are only a few attractions like the birds of prey, birds of paradise, and a host of ranch animals. However, my son and niece enjoyed looking and feeding the birds. And I’m happy they are happy.

Shadow Shot Sunday 003: Swamp birds

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This post is still connected to Amboseli National Park. It seems that my posts for this week were all taken during my trip to the national park and reserve (last year). So please excuse if you are already bored.

There are so many swamps inside Amboseli National Park where animals love to cool down and have a drink. It has been said that the swamps are fed by snow-melt run-off and rain coming from Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest free-standing mountain in the world.