Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Helu… mama na me. Again :)

Hello friends!

I am very sorry for the lack of updates for the past four months or so…  As you can see from my blog post title, I had just given birth to baby boy number 2.  So my hands are full taking care of him.  I am still on an extended maternity leave and went back to my hometown to be with my husband and eldest son. They, too, missed me and wanted to be with the little one. So now, in between changing nappies and preparing baby formula, I’m also spending time with my eight-year old and help him with his studies. I wanted to update but with both kids needing my attention, I just can’t find time to blog.

baby boy and cake

Here’s a photo of my little one when he turned one month old.  I hope this compensates for my lack of posts. My younger sister bought a chocolate cake to celebrate this milestone. It seemed so fast — and baby boy #2 ballooned so quickly. He’s heavy my arms tire carrying him after just ten minutes! Tomorrow, he will be baptized at the cathedral with selected friends and family to witness this important Catholic ceremony and another milestone in my son’s life.  Coincidentally, it’s also my birthday : I just wish my other siblings will be here for this family occasion.

Anyhoo, I will try to post more pictures of baby #2 when I can.

I’ll try to update real soon.



Monday Mellow Yellows 064: I found Nemo

I just want to re-post this photo of my son playing in the inflatable pool at my mother’s garden several summers ago.

monday mellow yellows i found nemo
I found Nemo in the pool, MamaGirl!

My son and his cousins love their grandma’s kiddie pool, bought especially for them when they visit. True, it is small and contain limited amount of water, but that didn’t stop them from splashing around and having fun. That’s what’s important, isn’t it?

Monday Mellow Yellows

Monday Mellow Yellows 060: Yellow Mama Bunny

I guess I’m a tad too late for the Easter greetings, lol.

mama bunny
I found this photo in one of albums. I looked goofy, didn’t I? This was taken when we (my younger sister and I) took family members to the zoo on their first visit to Pampanga. My mother, niece, my son and their nanny loved the place! We all took turns having our photo taken with this yellow bunny.

My husband and son flew to Roxas City this morning and I miss them already. My husband is resuming his job as a government worker. My son will be enrolled in a new school while I stay in Pampanga and wait till the baby comes before I head home as well. My mother and father is coming over next month to be with me. Which is really great coz I’m in dire need of companion, other than my sister. After I give birth, all three of us are going back to Roxas. So for me, it will be another chapter as MamaGirl, with baby number two in tow 🙂

Monday Mellow Yellows

My little pandesal

Okay, the news is out.

There is a pandesal (bun) in my oven, hihihi.

there's a bun in my oven

Actually my husband and I announced it officially some two weeks ago only, just a few days over the first trimester. We wanted to make sure, that’s why we waited this long.

A friend and co-volunteer joked that, apparently, I was working on a different “project” after coming home from my volunteer stint in Kenya, lol.  Actually, we have been planning for this even before I left but it’s only last year that we were successful. This baby is eight years in the making. I was actually praying for my older sister to get pregnant  first but, somehow, fate played a joke and I was the one who got pregnant. Not that I’m complaining. Nah-ah.

My little boy, who is now eight years old, will be a Kuya (older brother) soon. He still doesn’t get it but he once told us that he doesn’t like a girl. Oh boy. We want a girl; hopefully we’ll have a girl 🙂

Regardless of the gender, I am so over the moon that we are having another little one in the family. Everyone in the family is. I’m happy that the baby is healthy and growing normally despite my (call-center) work schedule. The downside is that, even after the first trimester, I am still experiencing morning sickness – vomiting, mostly.

Monday Mellow Yellows 053: Roosters

Our company has alloted some budget for our teambuilding activities. Of course we all know what it’s purpose is for. And, as employee, I think it is really great that companies do spend money for staff development and boosting morale via fun trips like we had recently.

Anyways, in one of those trips, I came across this posse of roosters at a restaurant. Not exactly a sign that they’re serving chicken dishes (the restaurant serves seafood). Had my son been with me, he would have blurted out “manok ni San Pedro”, or, St. Peter’s roosters! Lol.

mellow yellow mondays chicken statues

Wait, these are roosters, aren’t they?
You could tell from the red comb on their heads and the red wattle on their necks and have sickle-shaped tail feathers.

Monday Mellow Yellows

Monday Mellow Yellows 052: Firefighters

My boy and his younger cousin, Chappi, riding on a fire truck. This is still in the playground at San Antonio Resorts. It really is a great place to bring your kids.

monday mellow yellows fire truck

The two were role-playing. They said they’re off to save Bopbop, Chappi’s elder sister, who was “trapped inside a burning house”, or so they pretended. The role-playing was completed with Bop’s cries for help and a loud siren/alarm that, of course, came from the “firefighters” own mouths, hahaha.

Monday Mellow Yellows

Monday Mellow Yellows 051: Hi-ho, hi-ho!

Still at the San Antonio Resorts in Brgy. Baybay in Roxas City…

I was surprised at how nice is the children’s playground there. Filled with the usual see-saws, slides, monkeybars and swings, it is large enough for kids to play and run around. There are lots of trees and flowering plants, and the grass are wonderfully trimmed. There are benches/chairs, too, that you’d normally see in parks where the oldies can relax, read a book or watch the kids and while away the time. There also pockets of areas like this, where you see duwendes (dwarves or gnomes) that don’t look spooky at all.

monday mellow yellows gnomes
The kids – Joshua, Beebop and Chappi – lovingly named these gnomes after them!

After the initial chaos of assigning which one is whom, they all agreed that the gnome with the green hat is Joshua,  the one in yellow, on the left, is Beebop, and on the right is Chappi.

And the three began singing … hi-ho, hi-ho.. it’s off to work we go…

Monday Mellow Yellows

Mellow Yellow Monday 047: Cousins

While on vacation in Roxas, my son and my nieces have been reunited after almost one year. They were shrieking in delight when they saw each other! From then on, they were inseparable.

This photo was taken on the eve of my brother’s wedding. Here the kids are playing at the resort’s playground where we stayed the night.

Terrible three - but very happy together! You can't imagine how many times they got into mischief together.
Terrible three – but very happy together! You can’t imagine how many times they got into mischief together.

These kids have been growing very fast! I just wish they remain close as they grow up. That’s all I ask for.

Mellow Yellow Monday 038: Scooter

My son is turning 8 next week – oh, my! How time flies! I am thinking what to give him on his 8th birthday. Last year, his Papa and I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He requested this scooter because his classmates had one, too. Of course, we granted his request:

This has been my son’s favorite toy. He likes riding on it after school.

This year, I wanted to ask him what he wants again but I think I want to make his birthday a bit different from last year. So, since last summer (April) I’ve been asking him about what kinds of toys he like and eavesdropping on his conversations with his playmates. So far, this is what I’ve gathered and I took the liberty of researching for its price and availability in the Philippines. So without further ado, this is his top three most-wished gifts:

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B00005B8G3″ /] [amazon_enhanced asin=”B005CFCIAI” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B004B349DG” /]

My son’s friends have been raving about the Game Boy Advance (above, left) and my son is convinced he has to have one after he’s played with his friend’s GBA. He wouldn’t stop talking afterwards – morning, noon, and nighttime. He didn’t ask us to buy him one {yet} but he did ask us if we already have a birthday present for him, lol. I can imagine him playing non-stop if ever we decided to give this to him.

Of course, any boy will say they’d like to have a new pair of shoes on their birthday. Not only just a pair of shoes, my boy was so specific – he wants a running shoes for his PE class, just like in the middle photo above. I asked him why he likes rubber shoes and he told me, without blinking, that rubber shoes make him run fast. I rest my case. As an afterthought, he also asked us if his Tito Bigg will buy him a soccer jersey. Like his Papa and uncles, my boy likes soccer and he wants a jersey. His Tito Bigg promised to get him but not sure if it’s for his birthday or for Christmas.

Now that I have his wishlist, I’ll go now and find money to buy him these, lo.

Online catalogues for busy moms

I am a working mother. I work hard to contribute to the household monthly income. But why is it that I still feel guilty having to leave my son behind in the care of a help? With my tight work schedule I do not have the time and patience to deal with houseworks, most specially shopping for home appliances and furnishings which I used to love doing. I just don’t have the energy anymore to drag myself to a shopping mall.

Thank God for sisters, especially mine, and for online shopping sites. She introduced me to online shopping. She, my sister is an inveterate shopper and thrift-hunter.  So I was surfing online and came across several shopping sites like Lassoo. It is a one-stop site that has all the information on products, catalogues, specials and promos and retailers that you can find, right at the comforts of you home and just by a few mouse clicks. I was instantly hooked at the good guys catalogue. The Good Guys is one of the leading retail stores offering electrical products and appliances. Looking at their catalogue is a big help for busy mamas like me. The site helps me choose and make arrangements for which items to purchase and I can even create a list of my favorites (at the left-hand side of the page) for reference.  See below:

The page is simple, not cluttered, and easy to navigate.
The page is simple, not cluttered, and easy to navigate.

The catalogue is easy to navigate – you can search via price (from cheapest to most expensive), categories, and brands. You can also select your buying preference, sign up for email updates, while, for those who have smartphones, you can easily be alerted for new product arrivals, special promos and discounts. Now that is so awesome.

I so wish there is a site like this where I live. Now that the “ber” months (September, and the following months) has started, the holiday spirit is in the air — four months before Christmas – and people are already having a countdown and are beginning to make their Christmas wish and gift lists.  Online catalogues from online shops like this would be very useful.

Mellow Yellow Monday 029: Flower decors


Hello friends, I’m back online.

I am ashamed that it has been two months that I have not updated this blog. It’s not that Internet is inaccessible. It’s the whole work and family life! Classes have opened again and my son is now in the second grade. Fortunately, my husband is already here with us so it’s not that difficult anymore compared to last year. We take turns in being in charge of our son’s school stuff.

Life is the same. Some economic experts are saying that the country’s economy is showing positive signs of recovery and that bright days are ahead. To us, common citizens, unless there are concrete signs that we can see and feel, everything feels the same. A tough life we are having but nothing we cannot overcome if we work hard enough.

Anyways, the Filipinos seem to cope well enough during these hard times. I mean, what else is there to do, anyway, but to adapt to the current situation? We just keep on keeping on. We live simply. We make every centavo count. And find joy in even the littlest of things.

Before I get all too melodramatic now, I want to share with you my entry for this week’s Mellow Yellow Monday. I took a picture of this bunch of flowers made from ribbons.

Flowers out of ribbons, great idea. I’ve always wanted to make one of those.

They are used to adorn the booths at the mall. Aren’t they lovely?

Mellow Yellow Monday 025: Sunrise in Kenya

I’m reminiscing my time as a VSO volunteer in Kenya with this picture. I was browsing through my digital files and got hold of this picture… it’s a picture of the first sunrise I witnessed in Kenya…

Glorious sunrise on Kenyan soil.

Looking at this picture, I can still remember the anxiety, anticipation as well as the excitement. New environment. New culture. New faces. New everything!