Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Signs, signs: Food craze

J.Co donuts has reached the Philippine shores and is the latest craze here in the country.
J.Co donuts has reached the Philippine shores and is the latest craze here in the country.


Mellow Yellow Monday 044: Clowning around

Greetings from Isdaan (fishpond) Restaurant in Tarlac City (Philippines)!

I actually wrote this a week ago (and was set to autpost) while I was there with my office-mates for a company-sponsored team-building activity. Isdaan is located along the long stretch of Gerona Highway. From outside, you would think it is a big eclectic themed-park or resort. I said eclectic because of the presence of huge statues of monkeys, Buddhas, former Philippine presidents, and a lot more. I don’t know really know what they’re trying to achieve with this mix.

Anyways, as the name suggests, fresh fish are the main attraction at the restaurant. However, other favourite Filipino dishes are also served. In my opinion, I don’t think the food is outstanding – just okay – and the place is so — outlandish. Pardon me but that’s how I felt when I set foot there.

Oh, and there were clowns who entertained us on the day we went there.


Mellow Yellow Monday 024: My first breakfast in Kenya

It’s exactly one year and one month since I wrapped up my assignment as a VSO Volunteer in Kenya and returned to the Philippines. My stay there was a flurry of activities – time flew so fast, too little time to finish the plans. No matter how fast the time flew by, I still remember very clearly the things I did in the time I spent in a farming community in Lukore. Yes, including the first breakfast I had in Kenya!

Two slices of slightly toasted bread with butter, a serving of macaroni with tomato sauce, and a banana, to go with my cup of coffee.

Carbo-loading much? Hahaha.
The newly-arrived volunteers like me were advised to eat as much as we can by the old-timers for it could be the last proper meal we would have after leaving the city to go to our areas of assignments.

Mellow Yellow Monday 005: Fruits of summer


Refreshing fruits of the season, all grown by local farmers in Pampanga province of northern Philippines.

This is one of the reasons why I so look forward to summer in the Philippines. We have lots of fruits in season and they’re not that expensive.

Mellow Yellow Monday 003: My Yellow Breakfast


I woke up the other day and my sister-housemate had already gone to work. I wasn’t really feeling hungry but, as my mother always tells us, never skip breakfast. So I raided the fridge nonchalantly and these were all I could come up with for my breakfast. Gasp. It is lonely as it is to eat alone and it’s even lonelier that these were my breakfast – a cup of instant coffee and two slices of bread splattered with the yellowest margarine I’d ever seen. Gee I hope this is a low-cholesterol margarine.

Will have a talk with sis about stocking up our fridge this week 😀

Wordless Wednesday #33: Donut-lover


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