Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Category: Meme Addiction

Signs 011: Loco over Angry Birds

This is my younger brother’s Christmas present to my son. My son’s face lit up and he gave us a wide grin when he saw this familiar sign after tearing the wrapper:

How many of you out there have kids going loco over Angry Birds? Raise your hands, please!

And I tell you, this toy made him forget Wii games allowing my sister and I to play with Wii undisturbed, lol.

Mellow Yellow Monday 018: Rock on, birthday boy!

It was my son’s 7th birthday last week but sadly, I had to go to work so we had to postpone his birthday celebration over the weekend. I did send some birthday cupcakes, pancit (stir-fried noodles), and drinks to his class and with the help of his teacher, they had a mini-celebration. He was so happy about it – especially when his classmates sang him the birthday song.

Saturday, he was excited to see his Tita Lab’s (my younger sister) birthday present for him –

Budding rockstar from RXS CITY!

Happy-face here. Next to Superman and Transformers, he loves guitars and my younger sister just gave him the present that will keep him talking for days, or weeks… months even! Too bad, this little boy told me, his cousins Beebop and Chappi live far from us so they won’t be there to listen to the music he’ll play with his guitar. Awwww, my heart just melted.