Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Monday Mellow Yellows 055: The Giant Lollipop Slayer

Yup, my son loves to goof in front of the camera. This was taken at SM several weekends ago.

monday mellow yellows giant lollipops
I choose this spotted one! Nom, nom, nom!

Monday Mellow Yellows

Monday Mellow Yellows 052: Firefighters

My boy and his younger cousin, Chappi, riding on a fire truck. This is still in the playground at San Antonio Resorts. It really is a great place to bring your kids.

monday mellow yellows fire truck

The two were role-playing. They said they’re off to save Bopbop, Chappi’s elder sister, who was “trapped inside a burning house”, or so they pretended. The role-playing was completed with Bop’s cries for help and a loud siren/alarm that, of course, came from the “firefighters” own mouths, hahaha.

Monday Mellow Yellows

Monday Mellow Yellows 049: Clowning around

The kids clowning around with, errrm, the clown at the playground. For some reason, my son and his cousins aren’t too keen about clowns. In fact, they’re scared of them.

monday mellow yellows the kids and the clown

But even if they’re scared, it didn’t keep them from playing and posing with the clown.

Mellow Yellow Monday 048: Yellow beak

Just saying the Angry Bird fascination has not yet waned. Here is the little boy with his red Angry Bird headgear with a yellow beak:

apad mellow yellow monday angry bird
Joshua, Chappi, Grandma with the yellow-beaked Angry Bird at the airport.

Here is the little boy with his little cousin, Chappi, at the airport. This was the day we flew back to Manila. Behind them is their Grandma, my mother. The little boy is holding back his tears when I took this photo. He didn’t want to let go of Chappi and Grandma coz he said he’d be missing them when we go back to Pampanga.

Happy New Year my dear blogging friends!

Mellow Yellow Monday 047: Cousins

While on vacation in Roxas, my son and my nieces have been reunited after almost one year. They were shrieking in delight when they saw each other! From then on, they were inseparable.

This photo was taken on the eve of my brother’s wedding. Here the kids are playing at the resort’s playground where we stayed the night.

Terrible three - but very happy together! You can't imagine how many times they got into mischief together.
Terrible three – but very happy together! You can’t imagine how many times they got into mischief together.

These kids have been growing very fast! I just wish they remain close as they grow up. That’s all I ask for.

Mellow Yellow Monday 046: Children’s castle

Today is my brother’s wedding so I had this post ready last week and set it in auto-post mode.

My son squealed in delight as he saw this castle decoration at the mall some weeks ago. It was probably already there even before we saw it. Eventhough we go malling almost every week, we haven’t been to this side of the mall often that we missed it the first time it was put on display.

Kids love the Christmas castle! There were lots of moms and dads taking a photo of their kids in front of the caste.
Kids love the Christmas castle! There were lots of moms and dads taking a photo of their kids in front of the caste.

It’s like a wonderland there with this castle as the masterpiece. My son also loved the giant lollipops and ice cream cones that were part of the decoration. The nice part is that kids are allowed to go inside and explore the castle. I guess we’ll becoming here more often 🙂

Mellow Yellow Monday 041: I want to fly that big balloon

On my days off, my husband, son and I would make an effort to go out as a family. It’s just our way of catching up to do things as a family that we could not do on regular days. Nothing fancy. Just a stroll in the park. A meal in a restaurant. Or soaking in the mall-culture.

So two weeks ago, we went to the Photo Exhibit at the mall. It’s actually an amateur photography competition and all the entries were on display for final judging.

My son got hooked on this one:

Son: Mama, when I grow up, I want to fly that big, big balloon!

I thought he was going to tell me that he’s going to be a photographer, hahahah. But take note, he didn’t say “ride” on the balloon. He was very specific that he wants to “fly” the balloon. There is a difference between the two.

Mellow Yellow Monday 040: Teddy bear. Oh, Teddy bear.

This is the biiiiiiiiiggest Teddy bear in the whole, wide, world. That’s according to my son.

And he likes to sit there with the Teddy bear 🙂

He likes it so much! And, since we could not take it home, he asked me to take a photo of him and the Teddy bear instead. As a remembrance, he said 🙂

Mellow Yellow Monday 039: An afternoon of fun rides

My son turned 8 years old yesterday! He is undoubtedly growing up to be a splitting image of me 🙂

Already in the second grade at a private school here in Pampanga, he speaks Tagalog fluently, as well as Hiligaynon and Kapampangan. He is picking up a lot of Kapampangan words but he confessed to me that he doesn’t like to speak it because, according to him, it sounds “funny”.

Unlike his other birthday celebrations in the past, we didn’t throw him a party. Instead, his Papa and I asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday. I picked up this idea from my sister’s friend. In this way, we don’t really spend too much on something that the birthday celebrant doesn’t really want or appreciate anyway.

So, when we asked him, he excitedly told us that he wanted to go to the mall and ride the bike and asked for a birthday cake on the way home so he could blow the candles. We thought, not a bad idea. It’s simple, doable and, most of all, it’s my son’s idea of a fun birthday so we were more than happy to do what he wished for.

So, after lunch, the three of us trooped to the mall and let him loose at the fun rides. We let him choose any kind of ride he wanted but chose only this trike ride. He was crazy over it!

He is crazy with wheels, this boy. Just like his Papa.

Before we went home, we bought a birthday cake at Red Ribbon, ice cream, and other snack items that we shared at home with my younger sister. He even blew his birthday candles and made a wish.

That jersey he is wearing? It’s his Tito Bigg’s pasalubong! There were three – one American football (Tom Brady’s number) and two soccer jerseys. Hah. And we thought these stuff will arrive for Christmas. Thanks Tito Bigg. You made your nephew happy!

I thank the Lord for giving us blessings, for the good health of my son, and for another year. We may not have a lot but the Lord never fails to provide for us and our needs. Again, my dear Joshua…

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Mellow Yellow Monday 038: Scooter

My son is turning 8 next week – oh, my! How time flies! I am thinking what to give him on his 8th birthday. Last year, his Papa and I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He requested this scooter because his classmates had one, too. Of course, we granted his request:

This has been my son’s favorite toy. He likes riding on it after school.

This year, I wanted to ask him what he wants again but I think I want to make his birthday a bit different from last year. So, since last summer (April) I’ve been asking him about what kinds of toys he like and eavesdropping on his conversations with his playmates. So far, this is what I’ve gathered and I took the liberty of researching for its price and availability in the Philippines. So without further ado, this is his top three most-wished gifts:

[amazon_enhanced asin=”B00005B8G3″ /] [amazon_enhanced asin=”B005CFCIAI” /][amazon_enhanced asin=”B004B349DG” /]

My son’s friends have been raving about the Game Boy Advance (above, left) and my son is convinced he has to have one after he’s played with his friend’s GBA. He wouldn’t stop talking afterwards – morning, noon, and nighttime. He didn’t ask us to buy him one {yet} but he did ask us if we already have a birthday present for him, lol. I can imagine him playing non-stop if ever we decided to give this to him.

Of course, any boy will say they’d like to have a new pair of shoes on their birthday. Not only just a pair of shoes, my boy was so specific – he wants a running shoes for his PE class, just like in the middle photo above. I asked him why he likes rubber shoes and he told me, without blinking, that rubber shoes make him run fast. I rest my case. As an afterthought, he also asked us if his Tito Bigg will buy him a soccer jersey. Like his Papa and uncles, my boy likes soccer and he wants a jersey. His Tito Bigg promised to get him but not sure if it’s for his birthday or for Christmas.

Now that I have his wishlist, I’ll go now and find money to buy him these, lo.

Mellow Yellow Monday 035: Transformer shoes

I mentioned a few days ago that my younger brother is coming home for a brief visit. He did; he arrived in the early morning hours of Saturday. My husband and I were supposed to go by ourselves but my little boy wanted to go to see his Tito Big. So, off the three of us went. Hopped on the midnight bus to Manila and excited waited at the airport.

Not long after my brother came out and saw us at the lobby, he handed out a present to the ecstatic little boy waiting for him — it’s a pair of Transformer shoes.

Look, Ma. It’s yellow – like Bumblebee, exclaimed the excited little boy.

It was an advanced birthday present for the little boy. Now, why am I surprised that we went to school without so much fuss this morning? Lol.

Thank you, Tito Big, for the wonderful presents not only for the little boy but also for us and Labs, our younger sister. Good luck on your business trip!

Mellow Yellow Monday 034: Buwan ng Wika

Here is a picture of my son and other members of the folk dance troupe in his class. They performed a Filipino folk dance during the annual celebration of their school’s Buwan ng Wika (The Filipino Language Month).

All smiles as they posed for a picture after a successful folk dance performance.

The celebration of the Buwan ng Wika in the Philippines is celebrated every year in schools, private and public, all over the country. This celebration is held to emphasize the importance to our national language, Filipino, in uniting the Filipino nation.

During this special month, several activities are held in every school. It includes performances of folk dances, poem and essay writings as well as parades. During my time the Buwan ng Wika used to be Linggo ng Wika (The Filipino Language Week). I myself and my siblings used to take part in various activities in our school during the Linggo ng Wika. Watching my son perform and take part in this significant school activity brings back those times 🙂