Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Monday Mellow Yellows: Peek-a-Boo!

Peek-a-boo! My son is not impressed though :P
My son is not impressed though 😛

Monday Mellow Yellows

Monday Mellow Yellows 052: Firefighters

My boy and his younger cousin, Chappi, riding on a fire truck. This is still in the playground at San Antonio Resorts. It really is a great place to bring your kids.

monday mellow yellows fire truck

The two were role-playing. They said they’re off to save Bopbop, Chappi’s elder sister, who was “trapped inside a burning house”, or so they pretended. The role-playing was completed with Bop’s cries for help and a loud siren/alarm that, of course, came from the “firefighters” own mouths, hahaha.

Monday Mellow Yellows

Signs 010: Signs at the Ocean Adventure Park

Last week, my son’s class went on a field trip. Since it was my day-off I took this opportunity to accompany my son. It was a great move as we both enjoyed the activity together. It was a fun, educational experience for the kids (and parents, alike) at the Ocean Adventure,  it is the only open-water marine park in Southeast Asia located in Subic, Philippines.

Where would you like to go first? So many choices…

The sea lion show was the popular choice of the kids, of course!

Mellow Yellow Monday 019: Looking for fun at Zoocobia Fun Zoo

I have been delinquent again… not enough time and energy to blog after an all-nighter. Sigh! But, as you can see, I try to post whenever I can 🙂

One of the many attractions inside Paradise Ranch in Pampanga

Although there’s not much “wow” factor in this place, my son and niece had fun looking at the animals. It could use more work to have the “wow” and “fun” in Zoocobia.

Mellow Yellow Monday 008: TinkerBop


This is my niece, Beebop, goofing around at Paradise Ranch/Zoocobia:

She said with her golden hair and wings she is now TinkerBop, a little fairy in Neverland and Tinkerbell’s bestfriend!

So cute! Look how scrunched her chubby face was – she’s not yet tall enough to reach the spot yet. LOL.

Wordful Wednesday 006: Future jet pilot


Two weeks ago, we had an opportunity to visit Clark Field in Angeles City. My younger sister’s boyfriend took us all there because it was my mother’s last day of visit in Pampanga.

Clark Field used to be a US air base in the Philippines. Recently it has been transformed into a theme park of sorts. The place is wiiiiiiide and huuuuuuge. There were playgrounds and several choppers, fighter jet planes and anti-aircraft gallery scattered around the area.

My son loves everything about planes and choppers so this was a wonderful time for him to be able to see the “real thing”. He was so excited he wanted to climb aboard this jet:


All I know is that children are allowed to climb aboard these aircrafts to have a feel of what is it to be like inside. Unfortunately, there was no one around we could ask. My son was disappointed but still, he wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

That’s great, son, whatever you choose, we will support you.
Now let’s ask your father how much he has saved now for your college education! lol.

Mellow Yellow Monday 007: My Hunny-Bunny


My son enjoyed the trip to Zoocobia last week. The name sounds strange, ‘no? I have no idea why the owners named it as such.

Easter may have come and gone this year, but apparently, it is an all-year round activity at Zoocophobia.

Shadow Shot Sunday 007: Diani beach

SSS #2 button

My favourite spot in Diani beach, Mombasa, Kenya. Taken while I was serving my one year volunteer assignment there with VSO Jitolee.

Imagine sitting there, under the shade of a big tree, the beautiful beach view and the lull of the sea breeze… heaven.

Wordful/Wordless Wednesday 005: When my son and niece met the ostrich


Didn’t I tell you my son and niece are here? My mother arrived last week to accompany my son. Turned out, she couldn’t leave without Beebop, my niece, who is inseparable with her so she had to bring her along, too.

Anyways, over the weekend, my younger sister (I currently share the apartment with her) and her boyfriend took us all out. We went to the zoo, much to the children’s delight. They were so excited to see the animals, especially the feathered ones. They learned about ostrich at school so when they met an ostrich for the first time, they were animated! My son was talking non-stop. You can tell from the picture, yes? My niece was a bit hesitant to go now but after a few minutes, both of them were feeding the ostrich.

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday 004: Gourds of Kenya





My friends noticed that I’m posting mainly about Kenya. They are right. As of now, I’m waiting for a call to start work at a new company. So while waiting,  I am taking this opportunity to write about what I had seen and experienced in Kenya.

Also, I didn’t get to post much while I was there because I live in and with the local community where electricity is yet to arrive. I only get to be online when I am in the town capital or in Nairobi when we have important meetings. So what I’m doing now is like back-dating, or making up for the lost time.

But anyways, you know what they say, it is better than never, ‘aight?

So, on to my post…

Do you know what are these?

These are dried bottle gourds and are originally used (apart from being eaten as vegetable/food) as water carriers/bottles,  but now have other, multiple uses in Kenya and other African countries. The bottle gourds belong to the same family as cucumbers, squashes (including pumpkins), luffas, and melons. They are oddly shaped and hard-skinned.

The gourds are arranged creatively, as pictured above, to represent all the 42 ethnic tribes in Kenya that use them. That’s a monster gourd above there – the mother of all gourds in Kenya!

Shadow Shot Sunday 004: African buffaloes

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Visited Lake Nakuru last year with expat friends. It was my first visit to Lake Nakuru, a shallow body of water in the Rift Valley that attracts thousands of flamingos and pelicans and also provides refuge for the rhinos.

The most popular image of Lake Nakuri has always been the breath-taking swathe of pink flamingos feeding on algae that carpets the lake-bed. However, Lake Nakuru has more than flamingos – it is one of Kenya’s major national parts and is an important sanctuary for black and white rhinos. The entire park is also teeming with game – zebras, giraffes, waterbucks, impalas, warthogs, hyenas, baboons, among others, and, of course, the African buffalo (below)…

My first encounter with African game animals was a mixed-bag of emotions. Nervous, excited, and frightened at the same time. Moreso when we’re told that leopards and lions seek refuge in this park.

I used to watch these animals on television and I could not believe it that I was actually looking at them with my own two eyes, within safe distance, of course. I could not forget how giddy I was 🙂

I thank the Lord for the opportunity He has given me (and continues to give me)…  to go to places where I’ve only dreamed of going, to see things that I never imagined I would be able to, and to meet fantastic people from all walks of like.