Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Mellow Yellow Monday 032: Old colonial houses


My younger sister just came back from a weekend holiday up north, in the Ilocandia region of the Philippines. She and her friends visited the historic town of Vigan, the capital of Ilocos Sur and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Philippines.

Walking in the cobbled streets of Vigan, one could’nt help but imagine what it’s like there 500 years back when the Philippines was under the Spanish rule. Click for a larger view.

As you can see from the picture, the architectural style reflects mostly Spanish influences. I love  the lighted lamps, so antique.

I hope to visit Vigan one day. I want to.  I can imagine myself walking in the cobbled streets of Vigan, surrounded by these well-preserved brick and wooden houses, with the sounds of the kalesa and the occasional neighing of the horses. I can’t help but imagine what it’s like there 500 years back when the Philippines was under the Spanish rule.

I should visit Vigan soon.

Mellow Yellow Monday 028: Family mini-reunion


Yesterday, my father and his older sister, Nene Lilia, arrived in Manila for a short vacation. My son and I picked them up at the airport, and was pleasantly surprised to see Auntie Susing, my father’s other older sister, and my cousins Juvan and Benjo there. Julia, my cousin Juvan’s daughter, was also there and she hit it off instantly with my son. It was one impromptu reunion at the airport’s waiting lounge!

Big smiles!! As usual, my son is “monkeying” around, lol.

My Nene Lilia lives with my parents back in Roxas. She went home to recuperate from her illness and recently expressed her desire to be in Manila again to see the ever-growing number of apo-sa-tuhod (great-grandchildren). She didn’t have any kids of her own (she remained unmarried) but we, her nieces and nephews, grew under her care.

I just noticed that there were a lot of people wearing yellow shirts at the airport yesterday. I wonder if they are airport staff or something.

Mellow Yellow Monday 023: A pair of yellow birds

After two days of holiday food and merry-making, my head is throbbing and my stomach, errrm, not settled. I think the acid in my stomach is acting up 🙁 I better buy nexium before this condition goes out of hand! I think most people are experiencing this situation. Holiday food – at least in the Philippines – could be very oily, too sweet, and laden with lots of fats and cholesterol. Good thing is that over the counter drugs for acid reflux, high cholesterol, among others, are now available without so much fuss. You can get your medication conveniently. Also with the help of the Internet, these medications are also available online. The other day, while browsing the Internet, I came across the Canada drugs site and was amazed at the convenience it brings to its consumers. You place your order for prescription and non-prescription and generic medications. They also have medications for pets. A lot of people attest to its low price and fast and efficient shipping and services. How good is that? If only we have the same here in the Philippines. Mothers like me could save time and spent it on other household or mommy tasks.

Speaking of tasks… I was on chaperone duty for my son. His school went on a field trip. One of the stops was Zoobic. It’s a zoo in Subic, get it? Lol. Anyways.  birds have always fascinated my son and when we reached the birds section at the zoo, he spent longer time looking at these gorgeous yellow birds:

Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re indeed a crowd-drawer. Plus they are so noisy!

Either they are young parakeets or Amazonian parrots. I forgot now. There was a sign o the cage but I could not remember anymore. Please help  with the info?

It took awhile before my son had enough of these birds. He was asking me lots of questions — questions that are actually feelers that he wants to have birds like these for pets. Of course, the mommy radar is quite strong on this one. I think he is too young to have pets and besides I, for one, don’t like caged birds. I want them to live in their natural habitat. So I asked him to wait till he is big enough {three birthdays more} and see if he still wants to have birds as pets. By then he can decide whether he is able to take care of birds, or any other pets, on his own because MamaGirl doesn’t have extra pair of hands 😀

Mellow Yellow Monday 018: Rock on, birthday boy!

It was my son’s 7th birthday last week but sadly, I had to go to work so we had to postpone his birthday celebration over the weekend. I did send some birthday cupcakes, pancit (stir-fried noodles), and drinks to his class and with the help of his teacher, they had a mini-celebration. He was so happy about it – especially when his classmates sang him the birthday song.

Saturday, he was excited to see his Tita Lab’s (my younger sister) birthday present for him –

Budding rockstar from RXS CITY!

Happy-face here. Next to Superman and Transformers, he loves guitars and my younger sister just gave him the present that will keep him talking for days, or weeks… months even! Too bad, this little boy told me, his cousins Beebop and Chappi live far from us so they won’t be there to listen to the music he’ll play with his guitar. Awwww, my heart just melted.

Mellow Yellow Monday 017: Yellow helicopter


Here’s one of my son’s favourite toys – a yellow, plastic helicopter with Transformers autobots painted on it.

Yellow, plastic toy helicopter

The toy helicopter is el cheapo but, thankfully, my son doesn’t really mind or know. As long as there is a picture of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee on it, he’ll love it!

Mellow Yellow Monday 014: Yellow-striped matatu

My new job is keeping me away from blogging… tsk.. tsk.. tsk. So, being a Monday, I’m in a manic mode as I’m supposed to be in the office in… two hours. I can only post photo memes for now. So this is going to be quick:

This was my ride to work when I was in Kenya a year ago. It is called a matatu. You can find my posts about matatus under the tag "matatu". I promise to update when I can.

Mellow Yellow Monday 012: Not in the mood

It was a busy week last week, and still the same this week. I’ve begun working in my new job. I am still new, still adapting to the kind of work, the new officemates, as well as the new schedule. I’m on a graveyeard shift for the first few months! Whew! I’m kind of sad because I could not see my son off to school. Chances are he would’ve left already while I’m still on my way home. Oh well, I guess we all have to bear with the situation for awhile. So this is my son, sitting on our yellow sofa bed, and showing off his new shoes with yellow shoelaces.

Shadow Shot Sunday 008: Virgin Beach

SSS #2 button

Went to Virgin Beach in my hometown of Capiz for my son’s birthday. White sand, blue waters (yellow tint is actually a result of enhanced saturation level after editing), very few people… that’s how we wanted it to be. We had Virgin beach all to ourselves and my son had a blast!

shadows on the beach Love the shadow of the coconut tree… it is as if extending towards my son (left) to give him shade. On the shore and under that comforting shade, we shared a hearty lunch of seafood freshly caught from the same waters and peddled to us by the fishermen.

It was a good day!

Mellow Yellow Monday 008: TinkerBop


This is my niece, Beebop, goofing around at Paradise Ranch/Zoocobia:

She said with her golden hair and wings she is now TinkerBop, a little fairy in Neverland and Tinkerbell’s bestfriend!

So cute! Look how scrunched her chubby face was – she’s not yet tall enough to reach the spot yet. LOL.

Wordful Wednesday 006: Future jet pilot


Two weeks ago, we had an opportunity to visit Clark Field in Angeles City. My younger sister’s boyfriend took us all there because it was my mother’s last day of visit in Pampanga.

Clark Field used to be a US air base in the Philippines. Recently it has been transformed into a theme park of sorts. The place is wiiiiiiide and huuuuuuge. There were playgrounds and several choppers, fighter jet planes and anti-aircraft gallery scattered around the area.

My son loves everything about planes and choppers so this was a wonderful time for him to be able to see the “real thing”. He was so excited he wanted to climb aboard this jet:


All I know is that children are allowed to climb aboard these aircrafts to have a feel of what is it to be like inside. Unfortunately, there was no one around we could ask. My son was disappointed but still, he wants to be a pilot when he grows up.

That’s great, son, whatever you choose, we will support you.
Now let’s ask your father how much he has saved now for your college education! lol.

Mellow Yellow Monday 007: My Hunny-Bunny


My son enjoyed the trip to Zoocobia last week. The name sounds strange, ‘no? I have no idea why the owners named it as such.

Easter may have come and gone this year, but apparently, it is an all-year round activity at Zoocophobia.