Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Just a random post

After meeting my brother at the NAIA last Saturday, he didn’t stay long as he had another plane to catch. So after he flew out to Roxas City, my husband, the little boy and I went to the Mall of Asia to have something to eat. We were up since 2am so by the time my brother left, all three of us went for lunch at the mall.

Funny how almost every single teenager, boy or girl, I saw at the mall looked like K-pop wannabes. The style of clothes, the make up – the works! Anyways, watching them reminds me of this popular Korean actress. She is so pretty and cosmopolitan. I heard from a Pinoy working there that most of the Korean actresses have undergone cosmetic surgery there. Nothing surprising about that. At least the actresses or actors there admit to doing so, unlike back here in the Philippines where people deny to death having undergone such.

What’s wrong with cosmetic surgery anyway?
Cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever than it has been, say, 10 years ago. If it makes some people happy and they have the means (money), then, why not? Want the perfect aquiline nose? Good. How about a fuller, Angelina Jolie-like lips? Sure. Want to have a great, smooth, wrinkle-free skin? Of course. Through the rapid advances in cosmetic surgery, a lot more people go under the knife to enhance the way they look. If you go visit a cosmetic clinic, you will be surprised at the kind of technology they are using now – either surgical or non-surgical procedure. While aesthetics is the main thing that comes to mind when we talk about cosmetic surgery, a lot of lives have changed because there are also reconstructive surgeries done to people whose bodies have been damaged due to accidents or congenital defects to correct these.

A lot of people ask what are the benefits  – so simple, if I may say so. Cosmetic surgery increases the self confidence and self esteem of a person. They lead normal and happier lives because their worries about how they’d look to others are diminished and they’d feel more secure and feel accepted.

I see nothing wrong with it, honestly. It’s a matter of personal choice.

My tennis-crazy seester

Today, my sister is overly excited because the tennis season is (unofficially) underway as the 2012 Mubadala World Tennis Championship opens in Abu Dhabi. I asked her why “unofficially” and she is quick to answer that it’s because it is only an exhibition tournament where six of the world’s top 10 players are competing.She also adds that no ranking points are up for grabs, only the prize-money.

Rafael Nadal (left) and David Ferrer (right), on their Davis Cup 2011 Championship win.

She is such a tennis-enthusiast and I know for a fact that she follows all the tennis tournaments, from the Grand Slams and ATP Tours. She is a rabid fan (LOL) of Rafael Nadal (left pic) and never fails to watch almost all his matches online, even if it means staying late till the early morning hours of the next day. She scours the Internet for online sports betting sites that has free live-streaming of the different tournaments all throughout the year.  And she is not alone in her crazy ways. She also watches the matches with her good friend – she in her apartment in Asia, and her friend, somewhere in Europe – and they banter and discuss via Facebook chat! They’ve been doing this since 2009! Anyways, even though she makes use of the live-streaming from this kind of sites, she tells me she never gets tempted to look at the online sportsbooks on the said sites. I mean, she probably is reading them but never really trying to do anything, like betting.

But anyways, she will be online tomorrow night, that’s for sure, because Rafael Nadal is playing on day 2 of the tournament against David Ferrer (see photo above, photo source here). This is going to be an exciting match as both players are my sister’s favourites. For sure, her husband’s going to leave her undisturbed to watch the match 🙂

Mellow Yellow Monday 023: A pair of yellow birds

After two days of holiday food and merry-making, my head is throbbing and my stomach, errrm, not settled. I think the acid in my stomach is acting up 🙁 I better buy nexium before this condition goes out of hand! I think most people are experiencing this situation. Holiday food – at least in the Philippines – could be very oily, too sweet, and laden with lots of fats and cholesterol. Good thing is that over the counter drugs for acid reflux, high cholesterol, among others, are now available without so much fuss. You can get your medication conveniently. Also with the help of the Internet, these medications are also available online. The other day, while browsing the Internet, I came across the Canada drugs site and was amazed at the convenience it brings to its consumers. You place your order for prescription and non-prescription and generic medications. They also have medications for pets. A lot of people attest to its low price and fast and efficient shipping and services. How good is that? If only we have the same here in the Philippines. Mothers like me could save time and spent it on other household or mommy tasks.

Speaking of tasks… I was on chaperone duty for my son. His school went on a field trip. One of the stops was Zoobic. It’s a zoo in Subic, get it? Lol. Anyways.  birds have always fascinated my son and when we reached the birds section at the zoo, he spent longer time looking at these gorgeous yellow birds:

Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re indeed a crowd-drawer. Plus they are so noisy!

Either they are young parakeets or Amazonian parrots. I forgot now. There was a sign o the cage but I could not remember anymore. Please help  with the info?

It took awhile before my son had enough of these birds. He was asking me lots of questions — questions that are actually feelers that he wants to have birds like these for pets. Of course, the mommy radar is quite strong on this one. I think he is too young to have pets and besides I, for one, don’t like caged birds. I want them to live in their natural habitat. So I asked him to wait till he is big enough {three birthdays more} and see if he still wants to have birds as pets. By then he can decide whether he is able to take care of birds, or any other pets, on his own because MamaGirl doesn’t have extra pair of hands 😀

Signs 09: Looking for a bedspace?

This is a very common sign I see in my neighborhood. It’s because in the city where I currently live, in Angeles City (in Pampanga), there are so many workers who come from different provinces in the country.

These workers mostly work at Clark Freeport Zone, the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport and other multinational companies (including telecenters, of course) that are located in the city. So the demand for boardinghouses, bedspaces, and apartments are really high.

From the rainy Philippines…


I’m so happy to be back home; nearly a month since my homecoming and I’m still in the process of settling in to “normal” housewife routine. What I enjoyed the most is taking and picking up my son from school. But not for long, I’m afraid, as I have some job prospects coming my way. *pwera buyag lang* Wala pa gani gainit akon aliputan, daw malakat na naman si Iyay a! hehehe. In the meantime, I’ll take advantage of my time to  be with my son and husband whom I missed terribly while I was away. So it’s going to be a major, major bonding time with them and my parents, too.

I wish we all have a new year that is full of opportunities, good health, and happiness.
I shall return to regular blogging if and when I can.

Wordless Wednesday 006: Tribal women

Another update set in the auto-post mode. I am not sure which tribe they belong to but these women work as entertainers/performers at the hotel where the VSO Coast Volunteers had a 3day conference two months ago. I have a feeling that these women do not exactly enjoy what they’re doing but they  have no other choice. They earn from performing their tribal dance every night. 

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Wordless Wednesday 003: Twin towers


“Errmmm… Hello! You rang?”

Wordless Wednesday 002: Outnumbered

Captions are welcome.
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WRV in Manila

This is now my second post and oh, what to write about?

Well, I survived the week-long (5days) and intensive WRV course, that’s Wider Role of Volunteers. The main focus of the WRV course is to equip us volunteers with practical tools and skills useful to our respective placements. The course was pretty much intensive that at the end of each day I had a major headache. But, I have to say that despite the headache, it was an important refresher course, not only for me, but for everyone in my batch. The whole course was excellent, the tutors (some of them former volunteers) were great. No matter how much I think I know and read about Kenya, there are still a lot to know about. The WRV is usually given to volunteers like me who already have a placement and are certain to leave soon.

Here are some photos of our fun moments during the WRV:

Introducing the Batch Hippo (Sept  9-13)

Bah, seryoso sila! (serious)

Ayan, nagladlad na! (crazy)

Volunteers on mock parade.

Of course, the party after the WRV course won’t be complete without the singing…

Group singing… may dute… dancing…  and drinking!

WRV in Manila
Kami ay may mabo-boteng samahan.

What a fun-filled 5days it was! Special thanks goes out to Tarcs Taruc, a fellow VSO Volunteer, for all the photos posted above. He has more in his Facebook account. I realized that this is the only and last time our batch will be together as we are all assigned to different countries in Africa and Asia. So, guys, see you all after our respective assignments? Hopefully.

Anyways, while most of my batch have already gone back to their homes, I am still left behind here in Manila to commence my motorcycle riding course, as it is a requirement in my placement, at the Honda Driving Acadameny in Paranaque. It’s going to be another 5days, and the expenses such as training costs, transportation, and lodging and accommodation are shouldered by VSO. Thanks for that. Anyways, I am set to leave on the 9th of November and I am already in panic mode as I have yet to do my packing, purchasing of stuffs (if needed), and some other personal errands. Gah. I still have more than 2 months to prepare, and I fervently hope that it will give me enough time.

That’s all for now, folks.


… to my blogger-friends whose links I lost when I changed my template. Kindly leave me your URL addresses in my comment or shout boxes and I’ll be glad to put them back to the list.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Wordless Wednesday #54: ‘Playing at no cost’

This photo was taken while we were travelling to Olotayan island. Olotayan is the sole coastal barangay of Roxas City, a 45minutes travel by boat from the city. I was so amazed seeing this brave kid, playing at the “katig” (outrigger) while the boat is clashing against waves in the middle of an open sea. I don’t think i can do that… can you?