Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Work and play!

My view at work last Wednesday.

Working outside the office has its perks – the lush green views that soothes the tired eyes, the swimming pool that was beckoning us upon our arrival, and the complimentary, bottomless coffee, of course! This is really a welcome treat to us from our daily office grind where we are confined to the four walls of a room. May we have more of this in the future!

Just a random post

After meeting my brother at the NAIA last Saturday, he didn’t stay long as he had another plane to catch. So after he flew out to Roxas City, my husband, the little boy and I went to the Mall of Asia to have something to eat. We were up since 2am so by the time my brother left, all three of us went for lunch at the mall.

Funny how almost every single teenager, boy or girl, I saw at the mall looked like K-pop wannabes. The style of clothes, the make up – the works! Anyways, watching them reminds me of this popular Korean actress. She is so pretty and cosmopolitan. I heard from a Pinoy working there that most of the Korean actresses have undergone cosmetic surgery there. Nothing surprising about that. At least the actresses or actors there admit to doing so, unlike back here in the Philippines where people deny to death having undergone such.

What’s wrong with cosmetic surgery anyway?
Cosmetic surgery is more popular than ever than it has been, say, 10 years ago. If it makes some people happy and they have the means (money), then, why not? Want the perfect aquiline nose? Good. How about a fuller, Angelina Jolie-like lips? Sure. Want to have a great, smooth, wrinkle-free skin? Of course. Through the rapid advances in cosmetic surgery, a lot more people go under the knife to enhance the way they look. If you go visit a cosmetic clinic, you will be surprised at the kind of technology they are using now – either surgical or non-surgical procedure. While aesthetics is the main thing that comes to mind when we talk about cosmetic surgery, a lot of lives have changed because there are also reconstructive surgeries done to people whose bodies have been damaged due to accidents or congenital defects to correct these.

A lot of people ask what are the benefits  – so simple, if I may say so. Cosmetic surgery increases the self confidence and self esteem of a person. They lead normal and happier lives because their worries about how they’d look to others are diminished and they’d feel more secure and feel accepted.

I see nothing wrong with it, honestly. It’s a matter of personal choice.

I’m a survivor!

Yes, I am so.
But I am getting an addiction. Caffeine addiction.

It’s been two months since I started with my new job. I thought I was not going to last this long because I’ve never been the one to pull an all-nighter even when I was still a student. But, as time goes by, I’m surprised my body is coping well with the graveyard schedule. But I felt like a somnambulist in my early days and weeks at my new workplace, walking aimlessly never fully awake.

Coffee became my new best friend – and I’ve learned to like my coffee strong. It keeps me awake and somehow now I am addicted to it. My sister is afraid that too much caffeine will adversely affect my health. But it’s not like alcohol or drug addiction, I reason out. But still she frets; she says addiction is addiction, period. To avoid that scenario, she suggested I eat apples instead when I feel drowsy while at work. Apples have natural elements that boosts one’s energy. Plus, she says, they are more digestible and gives enough fuel my body needs to get going. Hey, wait a minute. That’s going too far, don’t you think so? I’m only experiencing coffee addiction, and not something serious. And I’m supposed to be the older one, how come my younger sister is telling me all of this? LOL.

Kwaheri, Kenya… Mabuhay, Pilipinas!

I have so many stories to tell yet due to me moving around to places where there are no electricity, let alone internet, I could not post them all.  As you can see on the right, my bags are all packed and several hours from now, I will be leaving Kenya for my beautiful homeland, the Philippines.  And so this, will be my last entry for My Nipa Hut… Still in Kenya blog and will resume blogging here, in the same blog but with a different blog title and a new header to boot.  Right, ‘te? *wink-wink*

What a memorable night it was - I will surely miss the Tusker beer! ngyahaha. Of course, I will miss my friends.

Okay, no more wasting time, here it is… After the beach clean up in Mombasa, I spent my last few days in Kisumu with my co-volunteers. While there I could not believe that I am already leaving the country soon. I said goodbye to people and friends I’ve made and I’ll surely miss the Kenyan wildlife that I’ve met up close and personal in the national parks I visited.

My days in Kisumu were filled with activities and fellowship with other co-volunteers.  On my last night there last Tuesday,  we all had dinner together. Nothing fancy, just the usual chapati and veggies and – believe it or not – the pancit that I myself cooked. Hahaha. It was a night of fun, truly memorable. Thank you, everybody, for taking me in your care. You know who you are. Di ko na lang i-mention ang name at baka may magtampo sa billing! hahaha.

All my bags are packed and ready to -- wait... where will I put my son's Transformers robots?

As I packed my luggage last night, I can’t help but feel mixed emotions. On one hand, I think I am already missing Kenya, the coast especially, and I feel reluctant to leave. It is so much like the coastal towns in the Philippines. The beach is just around the ‘co-ne’ (corner). Diani beach, you will always be in my mind. So many good memories and people I met there. On the other hand, I am excited to go home to my son and husband who I haven’t seen for more than a year! Gahhh! With 30kgs baggage allowance to Manila with Emirates, and, from Manila to my hometown, I was shocked to learn that there is only a 15kg-allowance with Cebu Pacific! Now I am in great dilemma because how could I bring my son’s sackful of Transformers robots with this measly baggage allowance? Oh dear. I might leave some stuffs to my younger sister so I would not go over the limit — I do not have enough money to pay for the extra baggage myself. Unlike other OFWs, VSO volunteers do not have incomes and rely only on basic monthly allowances. Most of the times, they come home with almost-empty pockets. With this,  I just hope I don’t get to meet “crocodile” airport staff and taxi drivers when I arrive in Manila on Sunday.

Anyways, I will worry about that later on.

Someone told me before that my blog posts are more like “touristy” and didn’t show more about my work in Mombasa. I apologise for not writing accurately about my volunteer experience but this is my  blog and I choose whatever I write about. For me, I’d like to write lightly and not deal with serious matters. I would like to thank those who spared some time reading my posts and leaving comments from time to time.  This blog has helped me cure homesickness and has been a great stress-reliever when times got tough at work.  At nighttime when everything is quiet, at the mercy of the network signal and laptop battery, I read and re-read my posts and laugh at my silly writings, and how I appreciate your comments! Thank you for being part of my journey in Kenya.

Now that I’m leaving Kenya, a new chapter in MamaGirl.com will com. So watch out for it.

Do you want to make money from blogging?

Oh yes, I definitely do! With the global economic meltdown and the continuing increase in price commodities, common people like me are inventing ways to make money to augment our income. While some of you might think that I, having a regular job, won’t have much problem despite the current economic situation, I beg to disagree with you. Yes, I do have a job that I hold on dearly to but the salary I earn is simply not enough when you have a growing kid.

So anyways, since I have my own blog and I have time to spare, I decided to join the blog marketing bandwagon in my attempt to augment my income and the income I earn from my other paid blog opps. After reading good reviews, I am happy to register at another site called Paying Post.  It is definitely a welcome addition and a great way to earn more money by doing what you love, and without leaving my house and my son at all. In addition, my husband approves of this as an alternative source of income.

It is so easy to join, even newbie blogging moms can take part and avail of this great opportunity in blog advertising. Registration is free and the steps to follow are very easy, so no worries mommies! The over-all page lay-out is simple and easy to the eyes so navigating it is piece of cake. Just fill in your personal details, submit and verify your blog by installing the required code, and sit back, and wait a day or two for their approval. Once approved – there is a whole lot of opportunities waiting to be found. You can choose which opportunities to write about and you have ample time to complete the task. No hassle! Unlike other online advertising sites, I have heard good things about the service at PayingPost.com from fellow bloggers so I am assured, and I trust, that no short-changing will happen.

So come now and join us here and get paid to blog!

Camelback displays

In a few weeks time, our organization will be gathering all the beneficiaries from different projects for our year-end assembly. This end-of-the-year event highlights the year-long community activities implemented beginning in January up to December. One of the most-anticipated parts of the gathering is the exhibit of produce, a trade show displays, featuring the products of our farmer-beneficiaries.

Now everyone is excited because it’s like a showdown of each project. For my project, the project leaders and I were thinking of how we can make our displays stand out. One suggested putting up banner stands. We want a banner stand that could withstand the wind, yet light and easy to install, and most of all cheap and yet will last a long time. However, as our meeting went on, we realized we are going to need a bigger space for the products. We don’t want a boring shape for our exhibit so we might get also accentuate our booth with a truss for lights for a better display of products.

Luckily for us, we got all these ideas from Camelbackdisplays.com. It is a one-stop site for all the trade show display needs. We were awed by the great selection of banner stands, truss, exhibit cabinets and more. They are all easy to install, light, affordable (guaranteed factory-priced rates) and most of all, the products could last for years.

ShopWiki – the ultimate shopping guide

It’s just more than 30days to go before Christmas and the excitement of my little boy is undeniable. I feel guilty though because with all the work in my hands now – being the end of the year, work is crazy – I haven’t even started making a list of presents to buy let alone look for Christmas ornaments for the house?

As a working mother, I am always on the go and finding time to do the household chores is not that easy that it needs careful planning and scheduling. But thanks to the magic of Internet, and to my ever-reliable credit card, I have taken advantage of online shopping. It saves me a lot of time and I can do it right at home with my son.

The worldwide web is the best place to find bargains with millions of online stores out there and ShopWiki is the one-stop site for your ultimate shopping guide. Last time I checked, I found this cool action figures and heroes that I think will make my son clap in delight. With ShopWiki, it helps busy-moms like you and me find products in more stores and with great savings deals to boot, without having to leave our houses and avoiding the hassle of running from one store to another with a crying toddler in tow.

The $8 Complete Prescription Eyeglasses and Case

Do you wear eyeglasses? I do. I had it since I started working – can you imagine the numerous readings I have to do? I remember when I was younger, in high school specifically, when I used to study up to the wee hours, my mother would always remind us to stop for a while and give time for our eyes to rest. But then, because of the loads of readings in high school, my eyesight eventually got bad that I had to see an eye-doctor. He prescribed eyeglasses and my very first pair was made from a boring plastic material and cost a lot.

Lucky are we nowadays because there are a lot of fashionable eyeglasses in the market. Take for example the Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni. Zenni optical has a large selection of prescription eyeglasses online. All of its eyeglasses have full UV protection, anti-scratch coating and many others.

The eyeglasses are sleek and sassy, they have high quality with all the protection you need, and yet, very wallet-friendly. No wonder it’s the brand that’s preferred by most people in the US. And because of its every-growing popularity, Zenni Optical was on FOX news!

Oh how I wish Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses are available in the Philippines.

Best Web-hosting Company

In order for me to improve my Google page rank, attract more visitors and not to mention generate income from my blog, I am thinking of a total blog make-over. Since I consider myself a greenhorn in the blogging scene and a newbie to web-hosting, I sought the advise of people who has been doing this for a long time. One advise that I got from them is to choose a good web host.

My search led me to Kaushalsheth.com. It offers various WordPress templates that he himself designed. As a template designer, it is important in his work to have a reliable host. Otherwise, it affects his work schedule and causes him stress. The site offers information on what’s the best web hosting sites available on the net as a result of his tedious search for the perfect hosting site. Kaushalsheth.com recommends three hosting sites that are cheap but reliable and has good technical support. Go visit Kaushalsheth.com and know more about the three recommended sites in his site before you make a decision.

Bad Credit Card

Everyone I know have credit cards. Who doesn’t, nowadays? A lot of people now prefer transacting with their plastics rather than cash that the number of people who carry cash are getting fewer and fewer as more and more restaurants, groceries, shopping malls, and almost all business establishments – virtually everywhere – accepts credit cards.

However, good things almost always turn to bad — it is when credit card users use their cards irresponsibly, and then fall into a monster debt trap. Most people I know use their credit cards way beyond their limits and end up with a bad credit card history, making it impossible for them to get back on the credit card track.

Fortunately, there are credit card companies who are willing to help you get back on your feet. If you want to know where they are – there is a site solely dedicated for this alone. It is intended for credit card users with poor credit history and/or ratings and looking to rebuild credit history anew. The site has an up-to-date compilation of top credit offers, not only on credit cards, but also home loans, auto loans and personal loans. I think the best feature of all is the list of the top 10 credit cards for the bad credit where you can compare the offers and make an informed decision. Once a customer has chosen the credit card that offers the best features suited for them, they are automatically linked to its respective online applications.

Just a friendly advice: spend on items that are within your purchase capacity. Otherwise, you won’t be able to pay back and get a bad credit history again. Always remember to use your credit card wisely. Don’t let it use you.

Why Ashop Commerce is the leading name in shopping cart software

This is a review of Ashop Commerce.

Ashop Commerce is a company that provides ecommerce software solutions to online merchants. To be able to set up an online business, one needs a shopping cart service or a payment solution, among others. This is where Ashop Commerce’s shopping cart software comes in. Understanding which shopping cart service for your kind of business will spell a huge difference in your business profit and customer satisfaction because website design, security and convenient payment system, as well as customer service are important factors in this kind of business.

An Ashop Commerce package is reasonably priced and it contains some neat web-based features that even a person with little knowledge of internet would be able to use. The designs are all customizable allowing you to modify to suit your needs. What’s best is that technical support is readily available, by email, telephone or live chat! Now that’s real customer support.

To those who are not easily convinced, you can test drive their demo store, or better yet, avail of the free 10day trial to test the functionality yourself. No wonder, when it comes to shopping cart, the award-winning Ashop Commerce is always come on top of the list.

Earn while you blog!

Last year, I discovered blogging and I must tell you that it has brought me to a different world. I was never a writer and writing is just not my cup of coffee. I do love to talk, and so I thought, blogging is just a matter of pouring out my thoughts into paper, so to speak.

Then I was lured into blog advertising. I got addicted. In not so many words, I get paid to blog and I enjoy it. A LOT. However, due to recent page ranking problems, a lot of bloggers got affected by it, including me. I thought that my paid blogging days were already over. Good thing there is Smorty. It provides opportunities to registered bloggers no matter what the page ranking is. What is important is that the content and traffic are good.

Smorty links advertisers and bloggers. Advertisers choose from a list of bloggers and pay them to write a review or opinion about a product or service and links back to the advertisers. Signing up is not a problem, it’s as easy as counting 1-2-3; no complicated steps involved. All you have to do is have a PayPal account ready, sign up, and you’re already on your way to blog for money. Of course, you have to write honestly and creatively, and I’m looking forward to see  opportunities into your mailbox!