Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Domain Registration

Many of the most popular bloggerss of today started from using free blog hosting sites like Blogger, WordPress, and many others. As time goes on, when they have gained a lot of popularity, they move on to have their blogs registered in their own domain names where they have the flexibility to customize their blog lay-outs. As for me, and for countless others, it is also my fervent wish that I would be able to register my blog in my own domain name sometime in the near future.

Many bloggers who registered blogs in their own domain names say that running a blog in with their own domains allows them the luxury of customizing the look and design of their blogs using plug-ins that are far better than those offered by free blog hosts. And they make these things look so easy, of course, but to us who are technically-challenged, it is actually not. Much as I want to register domain in the near future, I searched some options this early and found something.

Paylessdomains.com.au is one of the most popular sites, especially in Australia, specializing in domain registrations. It provides cheap domain names and website hosting and yet competitive in terms of features and services. Services don’t stop at domain registration alone. Paylessdomains.com.au gives a whole bunch of other services as such as 24/7 customer support, free email hosting, free URL forwarding, free domain name parking, and many others to help customers manage domains. No wonder they are the most popular domain registration site in Australia.

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  • Many of them think that we can use the free sites provided by word press and blog sport. the sites they provide are having less feasibilities when compared to the sites hence its better to buy a cheap domain.

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