Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Feeling blue and what-nots

Do you know the phrase “as cute as a button”?
Is this supposed to be a compliment, or what?
Please excuse the questions. The weather is really affecting me, making me ask silly questions, lol.

Well, to answer, anyway…
As far as I know, cute is something nice and pretty and charming and it has something to do with small sizes. Buttons, on the other hand, are small, usually round objects that are used to fasten our clothes. In the advertising and promotion world, buttons are actually graphics and badges used to market/promote/advertise something. Companies and establishments everywhere use this kind of buttons as giveaways for their occasions or celebrations. For example, when a store is celebrating anniversary or special sales, buttons are used to promote these events.

If I remember it right, I also ordered to have custom buttons made for me back in college when I ran for the student council and was paid for by my godfather (lucky me). They are such a common and a great tool during election campaigns, not only¬† in school but in the national elections as well here in the Philippines. Yes, you heard it right. Even in this day of heavy and sophisticated advertising tools, buttons are still the best way to promote a candidate. Thousands of money are put into campaign materials only and, for sure, these pinback buttons are in the list. And why so? It’s because they are cheap and easily produced, and not to mention their effectiveness in terms of marketing/promotion reach.

Aside from campaing use, you can use the buttons as tokens, too. Thehe company where I’m working now is actually giving out buttons to new as well as loyal customers for their continuing patronage to our products and services. As for me, my holiday budget is a bit tight and so I’m thinking of making personalized buttons as presents for friends. What do you think?

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