From the rainy Philippines…


I’m so happy to be back home; nearly a month since my homecoming and I’m still in the process of settling in to “normal” housewife routine. What I enjoyed the most is taking and picking up my son from school. But not for long, I’m afraid, as I have some job prospects coming my way. *pwera buyag lang* Wala pa gani gainit akon aliputan, daw malakat na naman si Iyay a! hehehe. In the meantime, I’ll take advantage of my time to  be with my son and husband whom I missed terribly while I was away. So it’s going to be a major, major bonding time with them and my parents, too.

I wish we all have a new year that is full of opportunities, good health, and happiness.
I shall return to regular blogging if and when I can.


  1. Many thanks, Willa! I’m having some kind of a technical problem with my theme at the moment. The badge won’t appear and there were extra codes even if it’s not in the widget code. Will fix it up as soon as I can. Salamat.

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