Furry Friday #001: Ducky-ducks

This is my first time to join Furry Friday and my entry is, er, not that furry but they are feathery!


These ducks are raised in one of our demo-farms in the province of Capiz. Ducks are raised for food (eggs and meat) and their wastes are collected and used as organic fertilizers for rice and vegetable farmers. Demo-farms like this is one of our ways of reaching out marginals farmers in the remotest towns of Capiz and to show them how new farming and animal-raising techniques can help increase their productivity. A number of poultry and livestock animals are also found in the demo farms, and, apart from ducks, it includes chickens, cows, pigs, buffaloes, goats. A farm technician assists the farmers.

In one aspect of our project, we give a pair of poultry or livestock animals to our farmer-beneficiaries (who are victims of the recent Typhoon Frank) as a start-up and with the use of recommended techniques, make it grow. Once they have successfully raised the animals, they will pay back the organization the same number of animals given to them.

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