Furry Friday #002: Kanding (Goats)


These goats are some of the animals being raised inside the demo-farm which I mentioned in the other Furry Friday post last week. Here farmer-beneficiaries are taught to adopt and adapt sustainable farming systems/technologies that guarantee an increase in productivity. Goats are distributed for them to raise – and they give back to the demo-farm the same number of goats given to them. Goats are raised for food – either sell it in the market or use for their own consumption. The goat poop or manure is collected and used in the demo-farm as fertilizers. There are 6 demo-farms in five selected provinces of Capiz, namely: Sigma, Cuartero, Panit-an, Dao and Jamindan. All of these receives support from our organization, the Katibyugan Foundation.

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