Going back to Kisumu again…

Beach clean up is done, my bags are packed, and even though I don’t have yet the documents I need, later tonight, I’ll hop on a bus to Kisumu again to stay there till I go back to Nairobi on the 8th of December for my flight back to the Philippines.

Nov 27 - Nairobi to Mombasa (about 500kms), Dec 1 - Mombasa to Kisumu (340-380kms, with stopover in Nairobi)

I will be spending the remaining days soaking up in Kenyan culture while at the same time extending an extra hand with my co-Volunteers at the children’s centre in Kisumu.

Distance between Mombasa and Kisumu is about 340-380kms, so I am taking an overnight bus to get there. The bus will leave at 6pm tonight, and I am already anticipating a long trip and I hope to be be there early morning tomorrow, at 7am.  I will have time to get to know Kisumu   in the next few days. I also wish that despite the work at the children’s centre, I would be able to see Lake Victoria, and perhaps visit the Kibuye market, the Kisumu Museum, the impala sanctuary, the Hippo Point, and the Ndere Island National park (home to the various wildlife, particularly the Nile crocodile!) while I’m still here counting the days to my departure.  Okay, I know I am just dreaming this all up because, quite honestly, my budget has dried up and Im looking at 10days na wala na lang kaon-kaon (10days without food!). Kaluoy man.

So help me please. Donations are welcome! ^-^

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