Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Hala, bira! Viva, Santo Niño!

Ati-atihan Festival is held in Kalibo, Aklan in the western part of the Visayas every 2nd Sunday of January. It is one of the most popular, most fun and wildest celebrations in the Philippines. Hundreds and thousands of local and foreign visitors gather at the main streets of Kalibo to see the most colorful parade of the ati (natives), dancing and prancing around the plaza. Notice how colorful and unique the costumes are. Most of it were made from indigenous materials found in Aklan. Onlookers can’t help but join in the fun and revelry, painting themselves with soot and dancing like there’s no tomorrow.

The Ati-atihan is a feast honoring Sr. Santo Niño.

ati sang ati-atihan sa kalibo
The atis (natives) join in the merry-making, too.
colourful ati costume in ati-atihan sa kalibo
Details of one of the costumes at the Ati-atiha. It’s so colourful.
sto nino joins ati-atihan sa kalibo
The Sto. Nino, or the Infant Jesus, is the centre of the tribe’s merry-making.


My husband and son dancing in the streets of Kalibo.

Of course, MamaGirl also wants to have a souvenir photo.

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