Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ending my VSO assignment

I haven’t been able to blog after the last post and that’s because I was already finishing my assignment as a VSO Volunteer for Lukore Farmers Cooperative in Mombasa.

I completed my assignment two weeks ago, and while one part of me was saddened that I’m already leaving Lukore, my home for the past 12months, and the generous Kenyans who I worked with, another part is jubilant and relieved having endured the 12 long months away from my son and husband who I am missing so terribly.

How many women does it take to make a chapati?

So now I am in Nairobi, staying with a nice Filipina development worker, to complete my end-of-assignment formalities before flying back home.  I will also be visiting a fellow volunteer in Kisumouafter  being invited to participate in the feeding program for kids in her community.  Being on the coastal area of Mombasa for the whole year,  a touristy place with magnificent beaches, accepting the invitation to do something in Kisumu is a good opportunity for me to see the other side of Kenya… the plains and the mountains and the cool breeze. Kisumu is the third largest city located in the western part of Kenya and just a kilometer away from the world-famous Lake Victoria.

I’m currently in Nairobi and it feels wonderful to enjoy comforts of city life  with 24-hrs running water, electricity, proper meals, and internet.  One thing that I really looked forward to was having not to empty my chamberpot like I do every morning at Lukore! *lol* While here, I was able to correspond with my elder sister who helped me merge my two blogs Payag-payag ni MamaGirl/(MamaGirl’s Nipa Hut) and Farah in Africa from Blogger into one and migrate to WordPress so I could continue blogging in one single blog when I return to the Philippines . It took several sleepless nights for my sister to be able to do it successfully, so I thank her for her patience. Asante sana. Postcards kag stamps lang ang katapat niyan, ‘Te, di bala? *lol*

In the coming days, hopefully I will be able to segregate my Africa-related posts and put them all in one page under Farah in Africa. I know it will be take a looooong time before I could finish the entire blog but, just when I was a newbie at Blogger, I will learn slowly but surely. But to those who’d like to read now, kindly see the archives to locate the posts (from Nov 2009 to present).  Categorizing and tagging each posts as well as re-positioning the pictures are tasks that need to  be done as well.  Joskoday, I wonder if I’ll be able to do all of them. Meanwhile, from now till my flight back to the Philippines, I’ll continue to try working my way inside the WP platform when I’m in Nairobi – tasks which I am already finding a bit tricky and errr, not so idiot-friendly! *lol* Who wants to be tagged as idiot, anyway, so here I’m trying and I hope I’ll get the hang of it soon.

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