Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.


This is how the Kenyan’s say hello in their native Swahili.
I can’t believe it – but in a few more months I’ll soon be stepping on African soil! What seemed to be only an unreachable childhood dream is now coming to a reality. In a few more months, I will be flying to Kenya, my country of assignment, as a Volunteer for the VSO. Of course, I am full of worries, about the  unknown, a country, and continent, I have heard and read about…  but it is no time to worry as I have to finish my WRV and motorcycle training next week and other pre-departure requirements in the following weeks.  It will be tough, yes, but how many volunteers had been there and went back home to tell great stories of their experience in Africa.

I can’t wait.

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