I was tagged!

I visited Seester’s blog during lunch break and saw there a tag for me. Being a newbie in blogging, I do not have an idea what a tag is, let alone what to do with a tag. So I summoned her to YM to ask her what is this tag thing all about. To my embarrassment, it’s sort of a game you play by answering some stuffs. Ok, don’t blame me, I’ve only begun blogging two months ago and I have not yet immersed myself in culture of blogging.

So, anyways, here’s what’s in my bag:

1. Native purse. I purchased it when I was in Vietnam years ago and it’s where I put my celfones and loose coins.
2. Wallet from Sri Lanka which I nicked from Seester when she came back from a conference there.
3. My favorite hankie
4. Lip balm
5. Ballpen
6. Cologne
7. Shades
8. Face powder
9. My ever-dependable celfone…
10. … and calculator
11. Aherm, panty-liner

There, all revealed! I carry these things everyday without fail, wherever I go. What’s in yours?

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