Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

If only sedative dentristy was available back then…

Today, my post is about my my sister who will be celebrating her birthday soon. She’s so privy about her age that it distresses her every time it is subjected to a discussion. So I won’t be divulging it here it deference to her, uhm, feelings. But I shall be letting you in on one of her secrets – undergoing unforgettable dental procedures. These days, she wishes sedative dentistry was already available back then.

When she was about to enter university some years ago (don’t ask me how many years exactly), she underwent all sorts of medical tests, including a complete dental check up as per admission requirements. My sister has a severe phobia of doctors and dentists and, at that time, she hasn’t been to a hospital or dental clinic for years that I wondered if she would have the guts to go all through these requirements just to go to her dream university.

This reminds me of my sister. So calm on the outside, but panicking on the inside. Tee-hee-hee.

During the first visit to the dentist, it was found out that my sister needed to have three teeth extracted and four teeth filled. So another appointment was made. Three days after, she was back at the dentist’s and fending off her demons. Clearly, she couldn’t avoid the appointment and was forced to face her fear head on, or else, bye-bye dream university. I wasn’t there to accompany her but my mother did so I was also anxious to know how everything went.

When they came home, my sister looked unhappy. And who wouldn’t be? My mother recounted the moment she saw my sister’s colour became paler and there was panic in her eyes. Quite understandably as she was about to undergo three tooth extractions plus four tooth fillings all at the same time. It was the thought of a painful treatment that put her off. Anyways, she was fine but a bit dramatic (anesthesia hasn’t worn off yet) when she got home. She was given a local anesthesia but she suspected she was injected more than she’s supposed to get. She talked animatedly how she was awake and aware the whole duration of the procedures, about how the needle – of which she is extremely fearful of – went through her mouth and how her mouth was numb after that, although she could feel the dental tools inside her mouth, about how her mouth and lips felt strange and massively swollen (her lips weren’t swollen). She was just exaggerating, of course! My mother was in tears from laughter. She was drooling and lisping as she described all these (much to our amusement) and blamed the dentist again. The rest of family were trying to suppress their laughter at her indignation.

This story just cracks me up every time it’s been told. She handles the “jokes’ quite well most of the times but there are those times… well, never mind. haha. Anyways, she did enter that university and graduated four years after, just a few days before she celebrated her 20th birthday. So happy birthday, dear sister. We might have fought a lot in the past but have already outgrown those crazy fights. Thanks for being  there as always.

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