Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Joy-riding in Europe!

I have long dreamed of traveling in Europe. The countries that attract me the most are Germany, France and Spain and what better way to enjoy what these European destinations have to offer than by driving! To me, driving offers the most pleasant way of getting from one destination to another. Having a car is certainly the best and the most efficient way to explore, experience, and enjoy the above-mentioned destinations, its vast countryside, its warm and friendly people and its colorful culture. You can easily stop anywhere you like and at anytime you wish to look at the markets, have meals in one of the local restaurants or just bask in the village life. But before hitting the road, careful research and planning should be undertaken. One needs to know not only the visa requirements, but also information on car rentals, driving license, speed limits, insurance requirements and, most of all, accommodations after a day’s worth of driving.

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