Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Just checking in

Oh my goodness!
It’s been nearly a month and I’m so behind on my blog. I have a six-year-old going to school in the afternoons only from Monday to Friday, which is very challenging task;  a house to run (I don’t even know where to begin!), a blog to update (so many drafts), pictures to sort out (they’re all over) and a TBE network to visit.

blog_cartoon_mom_dad_kid_dinner_table I feel awful when I couldn’t do everything but I’m nearly drowning in the first two things mentioned and could barely blink my eyes at night when I plan to do the blog stuffs. Besides, my little boy is hogging the computer – but only for an hour after he’s done with homework and dinner. But anyway, at the very least, I am making an effort to creep back into the groove.

Please, a little more patience, to bear with me for a while. Summer’s fast approaching and that means no more school for the little boy for a few months. He can go over to his Grandma’s house to play and I’ll have more time for myself and for my blogging. So be prepared for some serious blogging action in the coming months. I am planning to have a post at least once week and I’m backtracking to my volunteer experience in Kenya.

I hope we all have a great weekend with our families.

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