Leaving home

It was heart-breaking.
And the agony of  the thought of leaving my son and family for two years was prolonged, no thanks to PAL. My flight to Manila was delayed for hours due to engine trouble. Pero buti na lang din at na-detect kaagad while di pa kami nakasakay.  My son, bless my son, he didn’t cry at all when I left. For his young age, he seems to understand why I am going away.

Son: Ma, daku-daku gid imo ya bag. Dugay ka magpuli. Daw pareho kay Tita Mommy sa layo ga-work (my older sister in Cambodia) kag dugay magpuli. Sudlan man nimo damu-damu na transformers  pagpuli mo ha? (Mom, your bag is huge. You will be away for too long. Just like Tita Mommy, she works very far from here and comes home after a long time. Will you put lots of transformers robots in it when you return?)

I felt a pinch in my heart. Yes, my son, Mama will work in a faraway land. And just like Tita Mommy, I will come home no matter how long it will be. Two years will be quick, I know, and I’ll be back just in time for your first day in grade school. And yes, with the Transformers toys. When you are older, I will tell you all about it and you will understand why I have to go there.

Okay, enough of the drama.
I still have to finish my inoculations, there’s still my yellow fever vaccinations plus two more and I have to get all of this at DOH’s Bureau of Quarantine in Manila.  While I’m here in Angeles City with my younger sister, I’ve managed to book me a room at the Kabayan Hotel where I could stay before flying out on Thursday. Ilang tulog na lang!

My younger sister gave me some moolah so I could buy the sneakers that I like. This pair of sneakers will take me to anywhere in Lukore as I begin my work with VSO, and , hopefully, to anywhere in Kenya when I have the luxury of time to explore this beautiful country. My younger bro in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) sent me some moolah for pocket money. My other (older) sister, also  in Phnom Penh, will also be sending a care package for me through her Kenyan friend in a few weeks. Yes, I haven’t flown out of the country yet there will be a care package on its way soon to VSO Jitolee.

I am blessed, thank you Lord. Growing up we all used to squabble a lot. Now that we are all adults, we’ve matured and mellowed down… I am amazed at how we have come to laugh at our past follies when we were younger, and forgive each other, and support one another whenever the need arises. Thanks very much.


  1. Hi Farah:Good luck!! Hope we can see each other and the rest of our batchmates while were all in Africa. Ill bookmark your blog and look forward to your updates. God bless and protect us all always!Tarcs

  2. Son: Ma, daku-daku gid imo ya bag.Sudlan man nimo damu-damu na transformers pagpuli mo ha?- namian ko ni nga line. mga bata subong smart gid. 2 years, dali lang na ah. di lang na mabal an. tc mamagirl

  3. Hi Farah! Your blog is so interesting. Sorry to sound so ignorant but its the first time I've heard of a VSO volunteer. I don't even know what VSO stands for.I admire you though for you dedication to help other people even though it means having to temporarily leave behind your own family.I look forward to reading more from you. Your pictures of the beautiful landscape of the Kenyan safari is a bonus!

  4. I've hopped from your sister's site (ZJ, she's a good friend here in PP) and started to read your latest post, then you had me backreading hehe.. I love ur blog and reading your adventures =)Keep it coming! and Best of LuckLui of Pinaywifespeaks

  5. 'Jambo, Chinois and Lui.I'm happy that you took time to read my posts and leave comments here. I'll try my best to update as much as I can – I only go to the town (an hour from the village where I work) on weekends for the much needed bath and other comforts not found in the village. In the village where I work, there is no electricity and no running water! hihihi. A volunteer's life is indeed difficult, most of the times frustrating for various reasons, but also rewarding. The conditions may be harsh but the experiences are worthwhile. Hope you come back again. I apologize if I could not return the favor of a regular blog visit.

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