Mellow Yellow Monday 001: Children’s school presentation



Looks like I’m in a (blogging) roll these days.  I’m trying 😀

I missed blogging. It’s a wonderful outlet but my mama duties have kept me away for awhile.

Since I am making a comeback, I decided to join memes this time. They’re fun and so much easy to do compared to writing a blog post. So, for my first entry for the Mellow Yellow Monday, I’m sharing a photo of my son’s school presentation during their Christmas party.

The children wore different shirt colors to categorize their grade level – nursery (red), kinder 1 (green) and kinder 2 (yellow). My son’s in kinder 1 and his cousin, my niece, is in nursery.


  1. i know what you mean i have four and its hard to sit and blog, i also started the meme with yellow mellow monday, i guess it does help a bit when you dont have something to blog about, this is a great picture btw..

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