Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Mellow Yellow Monday 021: Yellow and white polka-dots

I get off from work around 10am and, before I hit the bed, I make sure I prepare my son’s lunch and dinner tonight. My son comes home around 2pm so I get to eat with him and we both go to bed, he for his nap and mine, for my needed “night sleep”. I’ll get up around 9pm for my 11pm shift. What a schedule.

Anyways, so in between cooking and chatting online with my sister, I am posting this photo of my son. We went to SM Clark yesterday for our weekly groceries and also to spend time together. SM Clark is now bedecked in Christmas decorations and, in the picture, you will my son posing beside the Christmas choo-choo train with yellow and white polka dots.

It is quite difficult to get him on camera; he moves a lot. He always makes this crazy poses and faces, but, in this one, I think he looks alright.

This is actually a section at the mall. It’s a wooden train painted in red with yellow accents and white polka dots. Please excuse the blurry photo. This was taken using an old Sony-Ericsson camera-phone 🙂

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