Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Mellow Yellow Monday 028: Family mini-reunion


Yesterday, my father and his older sister, Nene Lilia, arrived in Manila for a short vacation. My son and I picked them up at the airport, and was pleasantly surprised to see Auntie Susing, my father’s other older sister, and my cousins Juvan and Benjo there. Julia, my cousin Juvan’s daughter, was also there and she hit it off instantly with my son. It was one impromptu reunion at the airport’s waiting lounge!

Big smiles!! As usual, my son is “monkeying” around, lol.

My Nene Lilia lives with my parents back in Roxas. She went home to recuperate from her illness and recently expressed her desire to be in Manila again to see the ever-growing number of apo-sa-tuhod (great-grandchildren). She didn’t have any kids of her own (she remained unmarried) but we, her nieces and nephews, grew under her care.

I just noticed that there were a lot of people wearing yellow shirts at the airport yesterday. I wonder if they are airport staff or something.

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