Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Mellow Yellow Monday 035: Transformer shoes

I mentioned a few days ago that my younger brother is coming home for a brief visit. He did; he arrived in the early morning hours of Saturday. My husband and I were supposed to go by ourselves but my little boy wanted to go to see his Tito Big. So, off the three of us went. Hopped on the midnight bus to Manila and excited waited at the airport.

Not long after my brother came out and saw us at the lobby, he handed out a present to the ecstatic little boy waiting for him — it’s a pair of Transformer shoes.

Look, Ma. It’s yellow – like Bumblebee, exclaimed the excited little boy.

It was an advanced birthday present for the little boy. Now, why am I surprised that we went to school without so much fuss this morning? Lol.

Thank you, Tito Big, for the wonderful presents not only for the little boy but also for us and Labs, our younger sister. Good luck on your business trip!

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