Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Mellow Yellow Monday 039: An afternoon of fun rides

My son turned 8 years old yesterday! He is undoubtedly growing up to be a splitting image of me 🙂

Already in the second grade at a private school here in Pampanga, he speaks Tagalog fluently, as well as Hiligaynon and Kapampangan. He is picking up a lot of Kapampangan words but he confessed to me that he doesn’t like to speak it because, according to him, it sounds “funny”.

Unlike his other birthday celebrations in the past, we didn’t throw him a party. Instead, his Papa and I asked him what he wanted to do on his birthday. I picked up this idea from my sister’s friend. In this way, we don’t really spend too much on something that the birthday celebrant doesn’t really want or appreciate anyway.

So, when we asked him, he excitedly told us that he wanted to go to the mall and ride the bike and asked for a birthday cake on the way home so he could blow the candles. We thought, not a bad idea. It’s simple, doable and, most of all, it’s my son’s idea of a fun birthday so we were more than happy to do what he wished for.

So, after lunch, the three of us trooped to the mall and let him loose at the fun rides. We let him choose any kind of ride he wanted but chose only this trike ride. He was crazy over it!

He is crazy with wheels, this boy. Just like his Papa.

Before we went home, we bought a birthday cake at Red Ribbon, ice cream, and other snack items that we shared at home with my younger sister. He even blew his birthday candles and made a wish.

That jersey he is wearing? It’s his Tito Bigg’s pasalubong! There were three – one American football (Tom Brady’s number) and two soccer jerseys. Hah. And we thought these stuff will arrive for Christmas. Thanks Tito Bigg. You made your nephew happy!

I thank the Lord for giving us blessings, for the good health of my son, and for another year. We may not have a lot but the Lord never fails to provide for us and our needs. Again, my dear Joshua…

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