My new header…

… it’s still in draft form, but am liking it already.

A draft of my header

So, what do you think? As I’ve mentioned, it’s still in the draft stage and will see several  changes in the coming days… My sister said it is difficult to find free graphics online so this will have to do for now.

Okay, this is another automated post. I’m glad WP has this feature, too. By now, I am already half-way to Mombasa where I, along with other current volunteers and returning ones, will participate in a beach up activity spearheaded by my co-volunteers in the coastal district of Mombasa, Bara and China. I am also excited to see my Pinoy friends there who have helped me get through my assignment. They unselfishly offered me a house to stay on some weekends when I go to town for some R and R.

Will update when I get there.  See you.

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