My tennis-crazy seester

Today, my sister is overly excited because the tennis season is (unofficially) underway as the 2012 Mubadala World Tennis Championship opens in Abu Dhabi. I asked her why “unofficially” and she is quick to answer that it’s because it is only an exhibition tournament where six of the world’s top 10 players are competing.She also adds that no ranking points are up for grabs, only the prize-money.

Rafael Nadal (left) and David Ferrer (right), on their Davis Cup 2011 Championship win.

She is such a tennis-enthusiast and I know for a fact that she follows all the tennis tournaments, from the Grand Slams and ATP Tours. She is a rabid fan (LOL) of Rafael Nadal (left pic) and never fails to watch almost all his matches online, even if it means staying late till the early morning hours of the next day. She scours the Internet for online sports betting sites that has free live-streaming of the different tournaments all throughout the year.  And she is not alone in her crazy ways. She also watches the matches with her good friend – she in her apartment in Asia, and her friend, somewhere in Europe – and they banter and discuss via Facebook chat! They’ve been doing this since 2009! Anyways, even though she makes use of the live-streaming from this kind of sites, she tells me she never gets tempted to look at the online sportsbooks on the said sites. I mean, she probably is reading them but never really trying to do anything, like betting.

But anyways, she will be online tomorrow night, that’s for sure, because Rafael Nadal is playing on day 2 of the tournament against David Ferrer (see photo above, photo source here). This is going to be an exciting match as both players are my sister’s favourites. For sure, her husband’s going to leave her undisturbed to watch the match 🙂


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