Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Now in Kisumu

Asubuhi njema. Good morning!

Arrived bright and early yesterday. The weather was surprisingly and pleasantly cooler compared to Mombasa where it was so hot my head almost cracked. ^-^

I will be staying here till the 8th of Dec and then travel back to Nairobi for my flight on the 10th. I just hope I can still stay at Manong’s house while in the city, otherwise, you’ll find me on the streets! hahaha. Just kidding.

I won’t be able to update this blog again till I am in Nairobi, but that’s alright. I’ll make myself busy by helping out in the child centre, maybe playing with kids, feeding them, anything that will keep me occupied.

The playful and sometimes cheeky kids. They love to sit close to me and touch my hair and skin (although I have a dark skin, too).

These are some of the kids from Lucy Village in Kisumu when I last visited them. I will be seeing them again in the coming days.

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