Online catalogues for busy moms

I am a working mother. I work hard to contribute to the household monthly income. But why is it that I still feel guilty having to leave my son behind in the care of a help? With my tight work schedule I do not have the time and patience to deal with houseworks, most specially shopping for home appliances and furnishings which I used to love doing. I just don’t have the energy anymore to drag myself to a shopping mall.

Thank God for sisters, especially mine, and for online shopping sites. She introduced me to online shopping. She, my sister is an inveterate shopper and thrift-hunter.  So I was surfing online and came across several shopping sites like Lassoo. It is a one-stop site that has all the information on products, catalogues, specials and promos and retailers that you can find, right at the comforts of you home and just by a few mouse clicks. I was instantly hooked at the good guys catalogue. The Good Guys is one of the leading retail stores offering electrical products and appliances. Looking at their catalogue is a big help for busy mamas like me. The site helps me choose and make arrangements for which items to purchase and I can even create a list of my favorites (at the left-hand side of the page) for reference.  See below:

The page is simple, not cluttered, and easy to navigate.
The page is simple, not cluttered, and easy to navigate.

The catalogue is easy to navigate – you can search via price (from cheapest to most expensive), categories, and brands. You can also select your buying preference, sign up for email updates, while, for those who have smartphones, you can easily be alerted for new product arrivals, special promos and discounts. Now that is so awesome.

I so wish there is a site like this where I live. Now that the “ber” months (September, and the following months) has started, the holiday spirit is in the air — four months before Christmas – and people are already having a countdown and are beginning to make their Christmas wish and gift lists.  Online catalogues from online shops like this would be very useful.

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