Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Pondering some thoughts

In other words, nag-esep-esep ang MamaGirl, hehehe.

This post is about one of those moments where I’m not wearing my mama hat but instead I’m wearing a working-mama hat. Prior to my posting in Cambodia and long before the Kenya assignment, I already finished several units (about two semester’s worth) on my masteral degree in public administration in my hometown. At that time, I was aiming for a position in one of the city government, if not provincial government positions, as I already passed the civil service exams, albeit sub-prof only.

But, as luck would have it, I didn’t finish the public administration degree as mid-way through the first semester of my second year (I think, can’t remember exactly now) I was accepted as a Volunteer Agriculturist in Cambodia in 1999. It was my first international assignment and my first international trip to a country that has just gotten itself out of the long years of civil war and genocide. Then the infrastructure was in total disarray, if not non-existent, and so my hopes of continuing my studies via Online Schools had to be set aside as  Internet was very expensive and unreliable; besides I traveled regularly to four provinces in Cambodia time was a problem too. I had to keep further studies aside to focus on my work.

So what is it I want to study again if ever I have an opportunity again? Not public administration again, I’m afraid. Since I’ve been thrust into development work I was thinking of pursuing any online degree programs in project management or any other development-related studies. This degree coupled with my already-existing development work skills would enable me to work effectively, efficiently, and with more positive results should I continue with development work.

I somehow confided this to a co-volunteer in Mombasa and she enthusiastically urged me to go ahead. Now that I have no more other commitments I feel it is time that I consider this again. But, really, it’s bad timing. I have all the time now but financially it is not possible. hehehe. If only there is a resource for people like me who’d like to study and secure a scholarship or a student aid from the government, like this one I found here:  http://studentaid2.ed.gov/gotocollege/collegefinder/advanced_find.asp, it would have been great. Is there anything like this in the Philippines? Hmmm… I need to do more research I suppose and keep all my fingers and toes crossed.

Okies, tama na ang drama a. Back to reality na, gotta hit the sack now.

Toodles, noodles!

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