Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Random thoughts

I’m glad that my Saturdays and Sundays are days off in my new job. I can be with my son and we can do things together. Gah, how I miss this boy. One of the disadvantages though is that I tend to just sleep the whole weekend because of my weekly evening work schedule. But anyways, we are probably going to hit the mall later today or tomorrow. I must also buy nexium for an officemate who asked me to. I hope I don’t forget.

Weekends are also time for me to catch up on blogging and my social media network circle (chos! haha). I was looking at my Kenya photos again. I could not believe I was there – it was a whirlwind kind of stint! I also saw pictures of Kelly, the VSO Volunteer who I replaced. But before she left, she so kindly showed me around, introducing me to the people as well as giving me the orientation (if you like) about our work there, giving me tips, too. Before her departure, she gave me lots of stuff that she didn’t need anymore on her return trip to Canada. I am so happy to have “inherited” some of her things because that meant I wouldn’t have to purchase these items considering our allowance. Apart from some household items, she left me some over the counter drugs such as ibuprofen, analgesic, etc. which were very helpful for my headaches and menstrual cramps while I was in Kenya.

I’m glad I had these meds with me while on volunteer assignment in Kenya. I am very careful about the kind of meds I take, and the kinds I buy from drug stores. Some drug stores sell fake meds so it is a bit tricky. So “inheriting” these Canada drugs was a blessing.

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