Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Sari-saring kwento ng buhay

Summer school break is nearly here and my pupil is following a very strict schedule because he is having his final exams. No more late night TV and playing PC games. After school, he eats his merienda first while I prepare our dinner. Then we review his lessons together and by 9pm, he should already be in bed.

My son is in a kindergarten class in a private school affiliate with the Baptist church in Roxas. They have the usual English, Maths, Science and Art stuffs. In addition to that they have Bible classes, too. This Bible class is not to be missed. As part of their final exams, they have Bible verses recitation. My son doesn’t like memorizing that much. He finds it boring and he purposely makes mistakes at times. I feel I need to stretch my patience a bit more as a mother in times like this.

So their graduation rites will be on the 17th of March. If he passes all his subjects, he will be among those who will graduate. His younger cousin, my niece, Bop, is in the nursery class and we were told she’s among the top honors in her class. Congrats, Bop! From nursery, she will graduate to enter Kindergarten in the next school year. I wish my son will be as studious as his cousin Bop in the next school year – he will be in grade one, gasp! I am partly to blame because I was away in Africa when he entered Kindergarten. Although he was left in the capable hands of my mom, I still feel that I should’ve been there personally. I only came back last December, which was incidentally, their Christmas party. That gave me only less than three months to “mother” him before his graduation.

A day after my son’s graduation ceremony, I will be flying back to Manila for the VSO Returned Volunteers Weekend upon the invitation of VSO Bahaginan. It must be fun to meet the other returned volunteers and share stories and experiences of our volunteer works. Although I have to say that it will be a bittersweet gathering because of the sudden passing of my favourite VSO-Hippo  batchmate, Tarcs Taruc. He was the man behind the My So-called Mid-life Angst blog and had a 6month assignment in Zambia. I was looking forward to seeing him again during the RV weekend and cried when I learned that he’s already gone. Such a great person – humble, kind, funny, intelligent, deep-thinker, and a good friend. A huge loss to his family, friends, and colleagues. I will forever cherish the memories I have of him. Tarcs, may you rest in peace. I’m sure the angels up there are laughing with you and at your jokes.

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