Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

See yah, Tito Big!

I’m excited!

My younger brother (who works in Cambodia) is coming home tomorrow. He is actually on a business trip and going to do some work done but decided to come home after his meetings for a quick visit to my parents. He regularly comes home, every quarter, really. His office does all the arrangements for him, including a travel insurance. Years ago, a lot of ordinary travelers (including me) scoff at the idea of getting a travel insurance coverage. Today, however, the attitude has changed as more and more are opting to have one, whether it is for business trip or a holiday. Should I need one when I travel? Yes, I think so, especially for family trips. It covers travelers while on a trip should something happen them.

Nowadays there are so many types of travel insurance that for average travelers like me may  have difficulty in choosing one, let alone select from an online travel insurance sites.  Out of curiosity I checked out an online travel insurance sites and was awed at the sheer number of them. Enter online travel insurance sites like Travel Insurance Direct in Australia. For one, the site’s lay-out is clean and not cluttered. The important topics are on the top portion (navigation bar)To get a quote, visitors have multiple choices to select which country they are traveling to, when, and the age of the traveler – which are presented via dialog boxes in a very straight-forward manner. Then, with another mouse-click you get a quote. What’s more, whether you are traveling as  a group or not or a frequent traveler , the site offers  options to give you more savings. No paperwork and annoying policy advisers to deal with. It does save you time.

I have never bought a travel insurance before but now I agree that it’d be a good idea, especially that getting one is not a major hassle.

What do you think about travel insurance? Do you have one?

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