Shadow Shot Sunday 001: Gallivanting in Diani Beach

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Hi everyone.

This is my first time here at Shadow Shot Sunday. I saw a beautiful shadow shot while blog-hopping and followed the link. It led me here. I thought it’s fun. I am fascinated by shadows and I love taking pictures… So this week, and I hope in the following weeks to come, I’ll be posting my own shadow shots photos.

I am not expert in photography, but I just love taking pictures of things that fascinate me. I also appreciate comments from visitors.

So here is my first entry:

When I was still in Kenya, my VSO co-volunteers and I spend our weekends in Mombasa. After spending the week in our placement areas, a weekend in the “city” was a much-awaited time to come.

Diani is one of the popular beaches in Mombasa. Diani is a beautiful white-sanded beach and turquoise waters lying along the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. And this is where we volunteers loved to go. We shared stories of our work in the different areas of Mombasa, partook of the delicious meal, and just relaxed and enjoyed the view.

The photo above was taken during our Christmas holiday in 2010. I was with my co-volunteers walking along the beach. I noticed how enlongated our limbs were we looked like aliens. It was very hot that day but it didn’t faze us, we walked for an hour, just talking and talking, hoping our homesickness would go away.


  1. Nice long shadows, looks like a lovely beach. Welcome to Shadow Shot Sunday, hope to see you again next week

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