Signs 010: Signs at the Ocean Adventure Park

Last week, my son’s class went on a field trip. Since it was my day-off I took this opportunity to accompany my son. It was a great move as we both enjoyed the activity together. It was a fun, educational experience for the kids (and parents, alike) at the Ocean Adventure,  it is the only open-water marine park in Southeast Asia located in Subic, Philippines.

Where would you like to go first? So many choices…

The sea lion show was the popular choice of the kids, of course!


  1. WOW!!! 8 for the price of 1! You really caught a great shot this time. And it is colorful to beat. Know you had such fun on the field trip. Those are always special times for parents and their children. genie

  2. I would probably head for the restrooms first, then go “behind the scenes” – although the “food court” and “research station” sound good too!!!

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