Signs, signs 003: Camel advertising


Every time I descended to Mombasa for my weekend rendezvous with my co-volunteers and expat friends, it’s the beautiful beaches of Diani that beckons to me the most. Not only that, we also marveled at the sight of camels at the beach! I have never seen a camel on a beach before but in Diani, they are every where and they are for rent. While I was afraid of camels (still am, and they’re stinky too), a camel ride added fun to every tourist’s visit to the beach, especially the kids.

One weekend, my co-vols and I were lazing out in the sand, this camel sauntered lazily in front of us…

… just slow enough for us to be able the signboard that was attached to it. It was advertising for an “Abenteur-Safari in der Masai Mara”. A perfect mobile advertising, eh?


  1. (The computer ate my comment – so I’m trying again!)

    I’ve never seen a camel in real life before, except in the zoo. How funny for them to be used as walking billboards! It makes sense, though, that they would be advertising a safari!

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