Signs, signs 007: Bumblebee and fumbling-boy


Last week, my son and I were treated to a movie by my younger sister. We watched Transformers 3, much to the delight of my boy. You see, he loves the autobots so much, especially Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and Spike. When he saw the sign at the theater, he was ecstatic.

bumblebee and fumbling boyHe was talking non-stop again, animatedly and repeated lines he memorized from the previous sequels.

Now here’s the thing…

At the lobby of the theater, there’s another Bumblebee, a walking and talking mascot, shaking hands, and kids and parents were taking turns to have their photos taken with him… that kind of mascot. Imagine the shock and horror when my son saw the walking and talking Bumblebee – he got frightened out of his pants! I was really confused why, and it took a lot of cajoling on my part before he agreed to enter the moviehouse when it was time for the screening. He calmed down, thank goodness, and we were able to watch the movie in peace. When we were driving home, he declared he was very disappointed. I asked him why and he said in a broken Kapampangan dialect “kasi naman si Optimus Prime a-putol a-paa, a-putol a-kamay, a-putol lahat-lahat!” He said he didn’t like that Optimus Prime was blasted into bits. Severed limbs, etc. LOL.


  1. hahaha a-putol-a-paa! that is funny. i remember the first time i brought my young nephew to watch Star Wars (prequel). he got frightened when we entered the theater bec it was dark.:p

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