Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Street-dancing in Kalibo’s Ati-atihan

Hello from the green fields of Ivisan, my husband’s hometown and now the place I call my home. It’s been really difficult with the Internet connection here. I’m using Smartbro but it is proving to be a really, really bad choice.  My place is just some 15minutes away from the capital of Roxas City and yet the connection is very unstable. So please excuse my lack of posts and rare visits to the TBE.

This post is almost two weeks late but, since I promised, here are the pictures of the merry-making and revelry in Kalibo. My husband, my son and I, along with the 22-members of the Roxas City chapter’s PhilBiker’s Association, drove to Kalibo. From Ivisan, our starting point, we drove by motorcycle to Sapian, Capiz… then entered Aklan via Altavas, and proceeded to Kalibo passing through the towns of Batan, Balete, and Banga before reaching Kalibo. All in all, the ride was smooth and took us a little over than two hours!

We could already feel the excitement and vibrance of the Ati-atihan festival as soon as we reached Kalibo. And why not? The sounds of drums are deafening, the cheers and laughters were everywhere, and the festive mood is enhanced by the colourful banderitas (flaglets) and banners everywhere.

Shempre, we wasted no time and joined in the merry-making and sadsad (street-dancing) right away. Unfortunately, my battery died an hour after I’ve started taking pictures. Drat. Note to self: dish the old battery and buy a new one.  The following are the ones I’ve managed to get:




I hope next year will be as fun. My sister is so jealous because she has never ever been to Kalibo’s Ati-atihan Festival. This is one good reason for you and R to come home next, don’t you think so? By the way, thanks to my Ate for editing the photos. Well done.

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