Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Wordless Wednesday: Volunteering in Kenya

Six years ago, I went to Kenya for a one year stint as a VSO Volunteer.
It changed my perspectives completely.

Farmers meeting in Lukore.

Now I am back in my country, the Philippines, and I am still working in the development field. My experiences in Kenya have made me a better development worker and prompted me to work even harder for the advancement of the farmers, with particular interest with women.


Mellow Yellow Monday 025: Sunrise in Kenya

I’m reminiscing my time as a VSO volunteer in Kenya with this picture. I was browsing through my digital files and got hold of this picture… it’s a picture of the first sunrise I witnessed in Kenya…

Glorious sunrise on Kenyan soil.

Looking at this picture, I can still remember the anxiety, anticipation as well as the excitement. New environment. New culture. New faces. New everything!

Signs 013: Cut Emissions

A young activist from Mombasa, Kenya holds a sign for the environment. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to helping Mother Earth.

If only government officials all over the world can see and hear the pleas.

This was one of the  activities in 2010 with involvement of the communities that the VSO Coast Volunteers {of which I was a part of} initiated as part of the global grassroots campaign to raise the awareness and push forward the issue on climate change. Environment scientists/researches suggest that the world needs to cut CO2 emissions by 350 ppm (parts per million), or below, to stabilize the Earth’s climate.

It’s a gigantic task but we can all start right in our homes. Let’s find ways to cut our carbon footprints and help save Mother Earth.

Signs 008: Climate Change


One of the last activities I participated in on my last few days as a VSO Volunteer was an awareness campaign on Climate Change in Mombasa. It was a half-day activity that included tree-planting and beach-clean up. Here’s one of the signs that I saw there, it is in English and Swahili languages:

Climate Change sign in Kishwahili I’m not really fluent in Swahili but this is the rough translation:

Elimika Kuhusu Climate Change  – Climate Change Awareness

Mazingira Bora; Maisha Bora  –  Better Environment; Better Life

Basically, this is what the message the sign is trying to convey. If anyone of my colleagues in Kenya is reading this, please I welcome your feedback.

I love the yellow and green combination here. I used to hear my sister say that to get the attention, the yellow color should be used. The black letters with yellow outline also stands out, in my opinion.

Mellow Yellow Monday 010: Tree planting

mellowyellow Posting one of the last activities I joined as a VSO Volunteer in Kenya… a beach clean up! By noon time, we had filled about 50 bags of trash, mostly water bottles, to be taken to a recycling centre in Mombasa.

tree planting activity in Mombasa Afterwards, we, along with the local residents and schoolchildren proceeded to plant trees around the area.

More story and pictures about this here in my co-volunteers, Bara and Chinita’s blog.

Shadow Shot Sunday 007: Diani beach

SSS #2 button

My favourite spot in Diani beach, Mombasa, Kenya. Taken while I was serving my one year volunteer assignment there with VSO Jitolee.

Imagine sitting there, under the shade of a big tree, the beautiful beach view and the lull of the sea breeze… heaven.

Signs, signs 003: Camel advertising


Every time I descended to Mombasa for my weekend rendezvous with my co-volunteers and expat friends, it’s the beautiful beaches of Diani that beckons to me the most. Not only that, we also marveled at the sight of camels at the beach! I have never seen a camel on a beach before but in Diani, they are every where and they are for rent. While I was afraid of camels (still am, and they’re stinky too), a camel ride added fun to every tourist’s visit to the beach, especially the kids.

One weekend, my co-vols and I were lazing out in the sand, this camel sauntered lazily in front of us…

… just slow enough for us to be able the signboard that was attached to it. It was advertising for an “Abenteur-Safari in der Masai Mara”. A perfect mobile advertising, eh?

Shadow Shot Sunday 002: My shadow on the waves

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This is another shot I took of me while walking along the shores of Diani Beach (in Mombasa, Kenya). I love to feel the fine sand under my feet, in between my toes, while the waves playfully lapped in the background and tickled my feet once it reached the shore… it was such a perfect Saturday afternoon.

Signs, signs 001: Threesome


Signs,signs My days, and nights, as a VSO Volunteer in Mombasa, Kenya are long and lonely. I live in a rented room within the community I was working in, and lived amongst them. They were very kind people, and never did I feel like an outsider. However, when homesickness and loneliness attacked me, there is only one thing in my mind that I know would erase these off my mind. I looked forward to escaping to the town center, to meet my co-Volunteers, and go for the only one thing in our minds …


This is a prized commodity by every volunteer I know in Mombasa… it’s a best-seller and for a time it was out-of-stock we were panicking! It’s a yummy combination of white, brown and black chocolate… this one threesome I certainly wouldn’t refuse! LOL.

Shadow Shot Sunday 001: Gallivanting in Diani Beach

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Hi everyone.

This is my first time here at Shadow Shot Sunday. I saw a beautiful shadow shot while blog-hopping and followed the link. It led me here. I thought it’s fun. I am fascinated by shadows and I love taking pictures… So this week, and I hope in the following weeks to come, I’ll be posting my own shadow shots photos.

I am not expert in photography, but I just love taking pictures of things that fascinate me. I also appreciate comments from visitors.

So here is my first entry:

When I was still in Kenya, my VSO co-volunteers and I spend our weekends in Mombasa. After spending the week in our placement areas, a weekend in the “city” was a much-awaited time to come.

Diani is one of the popular beaches in Mombasa. Diani is a beautiful white-sanded beach and turquoise waters lying along the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya. And this is where we volunteers loved to go. We shared stories of our work in the different areas of Mombasa, partook of the delicious meal, and just relaxed and enjoyed the view.

The photo above was taken during our Christmas holiday in 2010. I was with my co-volunteers walking along the beach. I noticed how enlongated our limbs were we looked like aliens. It was very hot that day but it didn’t faze us, we walked for an hour, just talking and talking, hoping our homesickness would go away.

Wordless Wednesday 014: Remembering Kenya


The beach is every volunteer’s dream weekend destination after spending a whole week in our respective communities of assignment. Diani beach was our meeting place. We shared stories, food, the blue waters, and the occasional view of a camel on the  beach that were a welcome change to us.

Wordless Wednesday 013: Mitumba in Mombasa



The language of secondhand clothing is universal.

A bit of reminiscing here…

This is a mitumba spot that I always pass whenever I go to the market from my rented room in Lukore. I sometimes stop by to see what’s in stock and very much surprised to see designer items and vintage clothings every time. Of course, I had purchases when something caught my fancy.