Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

Ordinary things that make life extraordinary.

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Monday Mellow Yellows 055: The Giant Lollipop Slayer

Yup, my son loves to goof in front of the camera. This was taken at SM several weekends ago.

monday mellow yellows giant lollipops
I choose this spotted one! Nom, nom, nom!

Monday Mellow Yellows

Monday Mellow Yellows 053: Roosters

Our company has alloted some budget for our teambuilding activities. Of course we all know what it’s purpose is for. And, as employee, I think it is really great that companies do spend money for staff development and boosting morale via fun trips like we had recently.

Anyways, in one of those trips, I came across this posse of roosters at a restaurant. Not exactly a sign that they’re serving chicken dishes (the restaurant serves seafood). Had my son been with me, he would have blurted out “manok ni San Pedro”, or, St. Peter’s roosters! Lol.

mellow yellow mondays chicken statues

Wait, these are roosters, aren’t they?
You could tell from the red comb on their heads and the red wattle on their necks and have sickle-shaped tail feathers.

Monday Mellow Yellows

Mellow Yellow Monday 048: Yellow beak

Just saying the Angry Bird fascination has not yet waned. Here is the little boy with his red Angry Bird headgear with a yellow beak:

apad mellow yellow monday angry bird
Joshua, Chappi, Grandma with the yellow-beaked Angry Bird at the airport.

Here is the little boy with his little cousin, Chappi, at the airport. This was the day we flew back to Manila. Behind them is their Grandma, my mother. The little boy is holding back his tears when I took this photo. He didn’t want to let go of Chappi and Grandma coz he said he’d be missing them when we go back to Pampanga.

Happy New Year my dear blogging friends!

Mellow Yellow Monday 046: Children’s castle

Today is my brother’s wedding so I had this post ready last week and set it in auto-post mode.

My son squealed in delight as he saw this castle decoration at the mall some weeks ago. It was probably already there even before we saw it. Eventhough we go malling almost every week, we haven’t been to this side of the mall often that we missed it the first time it was put on display.

Kids love the Christmas castle! There were lots of moms and dads taking a photo of their kids in front of the caste.
Kids love the Christmas castle! There were lots of moms and dads taking a photo of their kids in front of the caste.

It’s like a wonderland there with this castle as the masterpiece. My son also loved the giant lollipops and ice cream cones that were part of the decoration. The nice part is that kids are allowed to go inside and explore the castle. I guess we’ll becoming here more often 🙂

Mellow Yellow Monday 042: Golden wrappers


Nothing makes me happier than spending weekends with my husband and son, watching television, and munching chocolates 🙂

The golden wrappers of Reese chocolate.

These are my favorites – Reese’s peanut butter miniature cups and were bought at Clark Duty Free Shop in one of our trips there.

Online catalogues for busy moms

I am a working mother. I work hard to contribute to the household monthly income. But why is it that I still feel guilty having to leave my son behind in the care of a help? With my tight work schedule I do not have the time and patience to deal with houseworks, most specially shopping for home appliances and furnishings which I used to love doing. I just don’t have the energy anymore to drag myself to a shopping mall.

Thank God for sisters, especially mine, and for online shopping sites. She introduced me to online shopping. She, my sister is an inveterate shopper and thrift-hunter.  So I was surfing online and came across several shopping sites like Lassoo. It is a one-stop site that has all the information on products, catalogues, specials and promos and retailers that you can find, right at the comforts of you home and just by a few mouse clicks. I was instantly hooked at the good guys catalogue. The Good Guys is one of the leading retail stores offering electrical products and appliances. Looking at their catalogue is a big help for busy mamas like me. The site helps me choose and make arrangements for which items to purchase and I can even create a list of my favorites (at the left-hand side of the page) for reference.  See below:

The page is simple, not cluttered, and easy to navigate.
The page is simple, not cluttered, and easy to navigate.

The catalogue is easy to navigate – you can search via price (from cheapest to most expensive), categories, and brands. You can also select your buying preference, sign up for email updates, while, for those who have smartphones, you can easily be alerted for new product arrivals, special promos and discounts. Now that is so awesome.

I so wish there is a site like this where I live. Now that the “ber” months (September, and the following months) has started, the holiday spirit is in the air — four months before Christmas – and people are already having a countdown and are beginning to make their Christmas wish and gift lists.  Online catalogues from online shops like this would be very useful.

Mellow Yellow Monday 029: Flower decors


Hello friends, I’m back online.

I am ashamed that it has been two months that I have not updated this blog. It’s not that Internet is inaccessible. It’s the whole work and family life! Classes have opened again and my son is now in the second grade. Fortunately, my husband is already here with us so it’s not that difficult anymore compared to last year. We take turns in being in charge of our son’s school stuff.

Life is the same. Some economic experts are saying that the country’s economy is showing positive signs of recovery and that bright days are ahead. To us, common citizens, unless there are concrete signs that we can see and feel, everything feels the same. A tough life we are having but nothing we cannot overcome if we work hard enough.

Anyways, the Filipinos seem to cope well enough during these hard times. I mean, what else is there to do, anyway, but to adapt to the current situation? We just keep on keeping on. We live simply. We make every centavo count. And find joy in even the littlest of things.

Before I get all too melodramatic now, I want to share with you my entry for this week’s Mellow Yellow Monday. I took a picture of this bunch of flowers made from ribbons.

Flowers out of ribbons, great idea. I’ve always wanted to make one of those.

They are used to adorn the booths at the mall. Aren’t they lovely?

Signs 012: Angry-birds kiddie party

In addition to our company Christmas party, the employers have kindly hosted a fun day for our (that is, us, employees) children. What’s even more fun was that it was an Angry Birds-themed party that got the children hooked!

Of course, a picture with the Angry Birds is not to be missed. All of the kids had their pictures taken in front of this wall.

Anyone who has not heard of the Angry Birds must be living in a cave.

Welcome, 2012!

May the new Year of the Dragon bring us more happiness, prosperity, and world peace!

I was meaning to post before 2011 ended but we all got caught up in the last minute “spring cleaning”. Every corner and cranny of the apartment was dusted, scrubbed and washed in preparation for the coming of the New Year. It weren’t only us though, our neighbors next doors were doing the same. It’s one superstition that a lot of us think won’t do any harm if we tried. It also a good way to meet a balikbayan neighbor (someone who repatriated, opposite of ex-pat) from Canada. He said he used to work in the construction business and, for a time, worked in one of  toronto contractors companies.

Hmmm, I wonder if he is trying to talk me into renovating our kitchen because he keeps on mentioning about his experiences in toronto kitchen renovations. Well, he probably knows the problem as our units have the same layout and structures. Admittedly, the kitchen and the bathroom needed a bit of refurbishments but nothing major. Perhaps if I hear him talk again about his stint as  toronto bathroom contractors, maybe I should toss this idea to our landlord. Who knows, we’ll get a better kitchen and bathroom makeover from this guy who seems to know what he is talking about and maybe even get a great $$$ discount, too.

But anyways, he is a nice old man. We all had fun watching the fireworks inside the compound. He even gave us several fireworks to light 🙂

Now I digress… I just want to say that we hope this new year will be a better one for everyone of us.

Signs 011: Loco over Angry Birds

This is my younger brother’s Christmas present to my son. My son’s face lit up and he gave us a wide grin when he saw this familiar sign after tearing the wrapper:

How many of you out there have kids going loco over Angry Birds? Raise your hands, please!

And I tell you, this toy made him forget Wii games allowing my sister and I to play with Wii undisturbed, lol.

Mellow Yellow Monday 023: A pair of yellow birds

After two days of holiday food and merry-making, my head is throbbing and my stomach, errrm, not settled. I think the acid in my stomach is acting up 🙁 I better buy nexium before this condition goes out of hand! I think most people are experiencing this situation. Holiday food – at least in the Philippines – could be very oily, too sweet, and laden with lots of fats and cholesterol. Good thing is that over the counter drugs for acid reflux, high cholesterol, among others, are now available without so much fuss. You can get your medication conveniently. Also with the help of the Internet, these medications are also available online. The other day, while browsing the Internet, I came across the Canada drugs site and was amazed at the convenience it brings to its consumers. You place your order for prescription and non-prescription and generic medications. They also have medications for pets. A lot of people attest to its low price and fast and efficient shipping and services. How good is that? If only we have the same here in the Philippines. Mothers like me could save time and spent it on other household or mommy tasks.

Speaking of tasks… I was on chaperone duty for my son. His school went on a field trip. One of the stops was Zoobic. It’s a zoo in Subic, get it? Lol. Anyways.  birds have always fascinated my son and when we reached the birds section at the zoo, he spent longer time looking at these gorgeous yellow birds:

Aren’t they gorgeous? They’re indeed a crowd-drawer. Plus they are so noisy!

Either they are young parakeets or Amazonian parrots. I forgot now. There was a sign o the cage but I could not remember anymore. Please help  with the info?

It took awhile before my son had enough of these birds. He was asking me lots of questions — questions that are actually feelers that he wants to have birds like these for pets. Of course, the mommy radar is quite strong on this one. I think he is too young to have pets and besides I, for one, don’t like caged birds. I want them to live in their natural habitat. So I asked him to wait till he is big enough {three birthdays more} and see if he still wants to have birds as pets. By then he can decide whether he is able to take care of birds, or any other pets, on his own because MamaGirl doesn’t have extra pair of hands 😀

Christmas eve feast and some reminders

It’s the Christmas eve now here and the house is abuzz with activities!

First, I am happy that today and tomorrow are my days off, how great is that?!? What’s better than this? Well, my sister is also not working on these days! So this means that we will celebrate Christmas all together.

As I am looking at the food being prepared now, my plan to lose weight will have to be set aside. I mean, come on, give this working mama a break! I’ve been working on graveyard shift for how many months now and, because I’m always sleepy and tired when I get home, I could not make the food that I want to eat. We rely on the easy prito (fried) or instant, packed or canned. Not really great for someone like me. So since today and tomorrow are holidays, I am allowing myself to eat what I like to eat especially during holiday season. I know many of you can relate to this feeling. Tonight, for our Noche Buena, we’ll have the usual pancit canton (braised egg noodles), menudo (sort of like pork stew), tacos, among others, and brownies, and buko-macaroni salad for dessert. Oh, these dishes may be modest, or common, compared to others with extravagant spread on their tables, nevertheless, my mouth waters by the mere mention of these foods.

Ooh, sugar, cholesterol, fats, you say… I know!  Aside from agonizing about how to lose weight, I also have to give attention to the bad cholesterol from the holiday foods later on! But I’m not panicking yet because this online article cited several tips on how to lose cholesterol. So, to those who have high cholesterol or someone who just wants to know how to have a healthier body with low cholesterol level, I’m sharing you some of the tips:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. EVERYDAY. Fruits and vegetables are low in saturated fat and are rich in fiber that prevent cholesterol away from the heart and its absorption. They are packed in nutrients and anti-oxidants that are great for the heart!

2. Avoid fatty foods, especially trans-fats that come from most dairy products, fat from meat and poultry, especially the burger, fries, pizza, and fried chicken from fast food. Use healthy oil such as canola oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil. Try to avoid using  butter and margarine.

3. Garlic intake. Studies reveal that consumption of garlic can lowers the bad cholesterol and increases the good cholesterol in our body. Garlic also helps to thin the blood, hence, preventing heart attacks. Garlic is good, after all.

4. Eat your beans. This includes lentils, chickpeas that are low in saturated fat and rich in soluble fiber that is so heart-friendly. They also contain lots of iron and Vitamin B.

5. Eat oats several times a week. Whole oats are much, much better than quick oats as they provide a more heart-friendly nutrients such as Vitamin B and with lots of fiber that help lower cholesterol and prevent heart diseases.

6. Lastly, go nuts! I mean, eat more nuts, such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, hazelnuts and pistachios are highest in unsaturated fats and lowest in saturated fats. Also, remember to choose the unsalted varieties.

So there you have it.
The holiday feast is upon us but please eat moderately. Afterwards, let’s go back to our healthy diet and, take note, to have a healthy heart, just remember the five tips I just mentioned.

So anyway, just before I get busy just like everybody else, allow me to greet you all a very merry Christmas and a wonderful new year!